10: Advent

Imitation is the highest form of flattery, right? This photo has been in my flickr favorites queue for a while. I love the contrast of colors, the warm design and the simplicity.

10: Advent

So, with a couple skeins of an alpaca + wool blend, I did my best to recreate the cowl. It is super duper soft and I’m pretty sure the very girly girl I’m gifting this too will adore it.

I’m additionally in the process of creating something similar to this. And dreaming of making one of these. And one of these. Oh flickr, you are a buffet for my crafty soul.

Blessing for today: the joy of creation.


8 Replies to “10: Advent”

  1. So cute, but that handbag……Wow! Please post pictures when you finish. Thank you for sharing daily Advent thoughts and your creativity. All very inspiring and appreciated.

  2. The projects a wonderful, but you make the prettiest picture, friend! We’re doing well here–ramping up for our Annual Christmas Day “Corny Christmas” Open House… Wishing you joy and relaxation in your creativity! XOXO

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