Jessica's pumpkin

My neighbors carved pumpkins this weekend and asked me to take photos for them. Isn’t this amazing? I’m a huge weenie when it comes to carving anything. I don’t really like using my rotary cutter when I sew. Apparently I’ve got a sincere fear of slicing off a digit. Exacto knife + pumpkin + Kelli = disasterous finger amputation.
So, instead I admire other’s work.

John's pumpkin

I’m trying to view Halloween as an earthy/spiritual celebration day, rather than a plastic costume, junk candy kind-of-day. Today I’m particularly thankful for cooling weather in Phoenix. I’ve been driving to work with my sunroof open and letting the cool morning air blow dry my hair for me. I’m enjoying the pumpkin peanut butter cookies I brought into work. I’m loving the one tree in my courtyard that is dropping bright yellow leaves all over the walkway. Fall in Phoenix is fabulous. Spooktacular, one might say.


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  1. happy halloween!

    i haven’t carved our pumpkin yet … in fact, i just bought one 2 hours ago! joe is away, which leaves the task for me. i don’t enjoy it.

  2. Those pumpkins are spooktacular!!!!

    I love carving pumpkins (well, except for the degutting part!) – and believe me, if I – the queen of the accident prone – can do it without incident (or digital loss!) than so can you.

    I don’t use knives, because I too enjoy having all ten of my fingers intact. I highly recommend those little pumpkin carving saws – they’re so safe, that we used to let the preschoolers use them!

  3. I haven’t been a big participant in Halloween for the last few years, but this year I’ve just moved to New Zealand and find myself missing it. They do celebrate it here, but not nearly on the same level as the States. I didn’t see many costumes when I was walking around Wellington. That was my first twinge of homesickness.

    Hi, by the way, I’m Lane. I found your blog via the NaBloPoMo Randomizer I made. Here’s the link if you wanna take a look. 🙂


  4. I do like that pumpkin 🙂 We didn’t have Halloween this year (I didn’t succumb to last minute rushing around) but we will celebrate on Sint Maarten day on 11 November. The kids make lanterns, sing songs and collect candy. I like your thoughts about making the day less about junk and candy.

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