110. Really.

June 7th

Another by the numbers

We’ve reached the point of the year when I become a crying, whiny mess of a Phoenician. This weekend the oven decided to go overachiever on us all, cranking it up to 110.

Do you know what 110 feels like? It includes: prickly skin, a wet nape of the neck, make-up that slides off your face as soon as you put it on, a headache between the eyes, a cringe in the stomach at burnt brown tomato plants, clothing that sticks to you in all the wrong places, groceries that melt before you can get home, cranky and angry drivers on the hot highway, and the ever-so-scream-inducing burn of a metal seat belt.

In a nutshell folks, it is melting-Wicked-Witch-of-the-West-hot here all of a sudden. We’ve been spoiled with a rainy and lengthy spring, only to have summer show up like an unwanted house guest screaming for a home cooked meal and mentioning that you’ve put on a few pounds.

Just. Go. Away. Already.

Another by the numbers

How about yet another weekend by the numbers (or: how I survived my first Phoenix Summer Weekend of 2010):

$450: How much it cost to repair my air conditioner this weekend.

200: Custom-ordered initial letterpress cards purchased

100: Tomatoes picked, again. I’ve sent them home with lots of friends and have plans for gazpacho this week with these.

70: stitches cast on for a new baby hat in bright yellow cotton. So pretty!

90 degrees: How warm it was inside before the AC man showed up to save me.

Another by the numbers

12: Number of squash blooms I have on a new set of plants I thought were peppers. Hello, erroneous seed packet! Glad you are blooming all the same. Are you pumpkins? Acorn squash? Zucchini? I love the surprise!

10: Pages I plan to write this week for Novel Dos.

8: Summer Mix CDs burned and mailed

6: Hours I spent thinking about Julia Child after watching “Julie and Julia.” I fell a bit in love. I need to buy her cookbooks.

4: Miles run, number of children in my Sunday School class.

3: Episodes of “Breaking Bad” I enjoyed, and number of hours I spent early morning outside reading. (I adore early mornings in the summer. The way the light changes the colors in the sky from moment to moment. The odd variety of birds and animals who are out to play while I’m running around the lake. The way the rest of the world is asleep and I’m able to plan my day quietly and peacefully.)

Fabric envelopes

2: Correspondence envelopes sewn, stuffed, mailed and gifted

1: Fun champagne brunch attended — number of glasses of champagne consumed? I didn’t count. But I did get 10 friends there and it took a miracle for us to sit outside for three hours in the afternoon, but we laughed and enjoyed the time together anyway we could take it.

0: Number of family members or friends in the hospital. It was a crazy week in that department and thankfully as of today, everyone is on the mend.

Also 0: The number of times I’m going to complain about the heat again here this summer. Feel free to hold me to this. And thanks for listening to a day of pure, aggravated, prickly whine.


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  1. Honey, you can gripe about the heat all you want. I know exactly what 110 feels like, and what 90 feels like before the a/c gets fixed. Ick.

  2. Debbie June 7, 2010

    I don’t know what 110 degrees feels like, but I do know that east coast humidity. It’s been warm, not unbearable, here in Illinois. I’m travelling to the Holy Land in two weeks and expect hot weather there. What did we do before a/c??? I won’t mind if you complain about the heat!

  3. i so feel your pain! kuwait has been seeing those temps since the beginning of may! this morning, at 9 am, it was already 106. the high today was in the 120s made worse by a sandstorm and high winds. it was not a pretty day for me decide to go to the mall. i melted just walking from the cab to the mall entrance!

  4. I keep thinking if Kelli can put a happy face on Phoenix in summer, certainly I can too!!

    Pool and guest room open at Chez Tina, btw!

  5. Totally hot outside. Just walked to get a sandwich and UGH… (Glad all your peeps are on the mend and out of the hospital. Yikes!)

  6. rohanknitter June 7, 2010

    I don’t blame you for complaining….I don’t know if I could hack it. I get whiny when it’s 90 degrees out.

    Book suggestion: “My Life in France,” by Julia Child. If you like the movie, you’ll love the book. (audible.com has it!) ps. Wasn’t Meryl Streep great in that role?? Genius.

  7. Bonnie June 7, 2010

    Come to Seattle — where it “continues” to rain, and the thermometer is around 60ish degrees.
    Gotta go and scrape the moss off from between my toes!!

  8. Mmm, i’m loving the heat. though probably not so much if my AC died. my parents’ upstairs one went out last week too and it was 97 when my mom woke up. not fun.

  9. Yes. AZ heat. When my AC broke in my upstairs Tempe apartment, I told the landlady I’d be in the pool until they fixed it. And then I realized the pool was too hot.

    Be strong, friend. Stay cool.

  10. I love this entry Kelli and can really relate…except for the tomatoes. Ours dried up on the vine long ago and we did not get nearly enough to pay for the plants. We must not water our enough or have shade or something. The only good thing that this week is bringing is our sweet Sojo tomorrow. We will endure the heat however we can. Probably, a whole lot of pool time and Children’s Museum, Miniature Museum and of course, our small sweet zoo in the early morning hours. I just hope our a/c doesn’t go on the blink, which is what it did the first time we met our Seattle born son-in-law. Enjoy the summer Kelli.

  11. I’m not whining yet. I’ll try to save that for July and August when the humidity arrives. But, it’s supposed to be down to around 99 this coming weekend so think how good that will feel in comparison.

    Glad your a/c is fixed, though, that is definitely something to whine about. We’re still using our evap, tho. We try to hold out til the end of June before we switch to the a/c. Makes us feel like real Arizonans 🙂

  12. The only thing I’m grateful for in summertime, it’s time for vacation…..do I have to add more about how much I like the hot????

  13. Charly June 8, 2010

    Sorry about the heat….I would probably melt. The humidity hit here today in Kansas. My hair is heading to frizz land. Oh, how I love summer….
    I do LOVE Julie and Julia. Probably one of my favorite movies!

  14. I heard the weather report for Phoenix on the news this morning and immediately thought of you. Hang in there. You have my full sympathy just as you would if it were 10 degrees. It’s so hard to live a life of moderation when the weather is anything but moderate.

  15. Andrewkfromaz June 8, 2010

    What does one have to do to get on the mix CD list?

  16. If you’re not complaining about the heat, you’re not spending your summer in the SW. I’ll salute you if you can even limit it to once a month! 😉 The a/c in my car wasn’t working last week, and I thought we could tough it out, but my kids were starting to look like one of your tomatoes, so…$450 later, we have cool air again! Hello, summer!

    (Loved “Julie and Julia”, by the way, and also am a fan of the correspondence envelopes you’ve so kindly inspired us with — nicely done!)

  17. Alicia June 8, 2010

    I love early morning reading – especially at the cottage before anyone else is awake. Just me and the dog on the dock.
    I would love to know what songs are on your summer mixed CDs.

  18. as soon as we finished watchign that movie my husband ordered mastering the art of french cooking! great movie.
    complain away, that’s what we are here for!

  19. We’ve been MUCH cooler than we usually are. I’m sure the 100’s will show up eventually though!!

    I have my first red tomato, I’m so excited!

    PS I’m behind on comments and you closed the one from the other day. I love how you pointed out that Julia Child didn’t know what she wanted to do until after she was a lot older. Kind of gives me the reassurance that maybe I’ll find my “niche” someday!