12: Advent

December 9th

Wonky kitchen view

I have a new roommate; it seems my tiny guest room always has some geographic orphan curled up under one of my mama’s quilts. During the last eight years, I’ve given the room to: an elementary school teacher, a South African moving to Canada, a Zimbabwean golfer, and now a Midwestern boy waiting to move in with his girlfriend.  There is something so fabulous about having a roommate. I rarely ask for rent; in my head, this makes these friends guests. I treat guests with a level of compassion and understanding my college dormmates could only dream of.  I feed guests. I clean up after guests. (At first with a smile. After six months with fury.)  And in Matty’s case, I create long-lasting friendships that span continents.

Last night I sat with my new roomie (who calles me “homie”) and listened as he described the excitement of moving into his own place, unpacking his boxes and creating his own space. I remember moving into my tiny home eight years ago with a hand-me-down pull-out couch from my grandparents (tweed, no less), a few quilts I hung on walls and threw over my mattress (which was on the floor) and a box of dishes from my college days. I had zero extra money but nearly 1000 square feet to call my own!

As I consider my next move, I have been spending more time admiring the quirky home I’ve created. The turquoise kitchen with Mexican pottery has morphed with time into white walls with framed photography and African masks. While the clutter level is still fairly low, I certainly own more now than I ever thought I would. My favorite possession are still my mama’s quilts, my brother’s pottery, art created by friends and those African masks. I’m happy that my home expresses so many of the little details of a life well enjoyed in Arizona — including a framed print from this weekend’s Tour de Coop now hanging in kitchen — which is quickly becoming filled with chickens.

Yep. I’m becoming that lady. The one with a chicken kitchen.

I’m also happy the years in this place have taught me to always keep a guest room ready; having friends live under the same roof is a true blessing.


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4 Responses

  1. Larissa Stretton December 9, 2010

    Hey Kelli–
    I have chickens in my kitchen!! (And hopefully some out in the back yard, just not yet!!) Love the print!! Nice choice!

  2. I totally understand that distinct line between guest and roommate. Guests are always fun! Roommates aren’t always so much fun.

    Your chickens in the picture all look really modern and cool! I love green and orange together, too!

  3. I’ve always thought that it takes some times to make a house a home…..

  4. My Momma Carol is a chicken in the kitchen lady, has been for at least 30 years. I have found a few creeping into my kitchen….reminds me of my momma’s kitchen when they are there.