12~12: January

Yesterday, in 12 photos:

January 2007 025

Blurry morning

January 2007 027

Catch up with podcasts on a much needed canal run

January 2007 031

Off to breakfast, ready for the day

January 2007 032

Steel cut oatmeal, cottage cheese, ice tea

January 2007 034

Home to bake for the day’s parties

January 2007 036

Working, blogging, writing, waiting on the oven

January 2007 040

A sunny cake for a solar panel party (I love that my friends celebrate being green, even when it costs $30,000 to make such a move. Ouch.)

January 2007 041

Cream cheese cupcakes for a Packers’ party (They won. Maybe I’m on to something here?)

January 2007 047

Parties celebrated, off to Teakwoods for a drink and nachos before bowling league

January 2007 058

Adam’s new Homie ball

January 2007 048

Lanes of humiliation — I regularly bowl 60 or so. D’oh!

January 2007 052

Three games and too many gutter balls later, we beat the other team and called it a night.


15 Replies to “12~12: January”

  1. Comment #1 – That is such a gorgeous photo of you!

    Comment #2 – The Packers? You realize two of your best friends live in Chicago right? Home of Da Bears!! 😉

    Comment #3 – Ditto to Amanda C’s comment. Wii bowling rocks!

  2. Yum, your cakes look delicious! I am rubbish at Bowling, last time we went and played as a family our 2 year old won though, so that just goes to show! I can get in the 60s with the sides up and the rolley thing, on a good day!

  3. Great looking cakes! Cool to be having a solar panel party. But I’m curious whether your area has laws about solar panels and trees like California has? I just read an article in the local paper about two next door neighbors, each in a different city. One couple had planted redwood trees in their backyard back in the late 90s. Now a few of those trees are starting to shade the solar panels of their neighbor’s house. It’s looking like the trees will have to be removed even though the solar panels came years after the trees. They both are good things for the environment so how does one choose which should prevail?

    But definitely cool to have your own energy source. 🙂

  4. great! you can answer my question. I was playing bowling on my Wii this morning ( I didn’t ask for a zebra for Christmas) and I wondered how the scoring works? do I get excited when my score goes from 109 to 99 or not?

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