16: Advent

December 13th


Hand towel + fat quarter trim + grommet = golf towels for the boys.


Yesterday at church, we sang “You are my sunshine.”  It was an unconventional sermon, but one that I’ll likely always remember. Among other noteworthy pieces, included a reminder that saying “I love you” to those we adore should be a daily ritual. The minister stressed that some people have a hard time saying those words. That they don’t come easily, but mean so much.

{This is not my problem, dear little blog. I love. I love openly and I love many. I have no problem telling people, often to their discomfort. Also, I pretty much love forever. Romantic or platonic, if I love you — chances are you’ve heard about it.}

When I was young, I had a tiny yellow lion that was a music box. You’d wind up his back and his head would rotate to the song “You are my sunshine.” I probably listened to that little ditty 10,000 times by the time the lion was passed along to my little brother. The song has always made me smile. It’s sweet, sentimental and simple.

Of my greatest blessings is this church — to be reminded weekly that we are all sunshine, and that really love is the meaning.


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7 Responses

  1. Rebilouwall December 13, 2010

    Pessimist leaking out today – until you get to the second verse of the sunshine song and then it is very sad. But we still belt it out at bedtime.

  2. Yeah, I’m with Bec. I was just logging on to say that song makes me sob. *SOB*

  3. I love that song. And I LOVE you, African Kelli. xo

  4. Oh I love that song! I’ve sung it to all my babies as a lullaby, I think it’s so sweet.

  5. Sometimes I wonder how you write things that are in my head! A friend just told me that I love freely without expectation and that so many people don’t because they are afraid of rejection, failure, judgment, etc. I wondered at what she said because I didn’t understand at first. She is right though — loving comes easy to me and obviously you! 🙂 I don’t know how or why but it does. In college, a student was killed in a car accident. I will never forget her memorial service. The “take away” was that she ALWAYS ended every conversation with friends and family with “I love you” and that we should all consider that. I decided then and there that I would try to do the same because I had not always said it. Fourteen years later, I still try to stick to that. “I love you” is as much a part of my conversation as “Goodbye.” There are few guarantees in life, but my love is one of them.
    Also, love that song and your loving nature! 🙂

  6. Was it a little yellow lion stuffed animal with a mane made out of red yarn and on the bottom there was a wind up to play the music box that also swayed the head while it played “You are my sunshine”? Well that was mine. And I loved it. Still love it even though it’s long gone.
    Also love your blog. Thanks for the smiles and bringing back some memories.

  7. love you too Kel. but, of course, you knew that…. 🙂