November 12th

bunting with window

Susan of Persimmon&Pink sent me this lovely bunting this week. Isn’t it fun? I think it adds a great splash of color to my otherwise drab curtains.

Ah Sunday morning, my favorite time of the week. You have such potential. I could lounge in my pajamas all day and no one would be the wiser. I could hop on my bike and ride until my legs burn with agony. I could sit behind my sewing machine for hours while listening to NPR. I could drive to the bagel shop with a new book and a mug to refill with hot, yummy coffee. Hmmm…
Happy day indeed!


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7 Responses

  1. I will be sewing spindle bags…..they are being featured in Spin Off next issue!

    Ack….I need to make more.

  2. Well, your curtain now seems ready for a party!!

  3. wow those all sound like fabulous alternatives. yes yes yes. how to choose though? 😉 enjoy your sunday!

  4. all those things sound so good (okay, except bike riding- I just can’t get excited about that- lol!)
    Your bunting looks sweet.

    I’m jealous- you’re having your Sunday just as I’m having Monday- not fair!

  5. which was it, biking, snoozing or eating? let’s plan an eating sunday…what do you say?

  6. Yep, Sunday mornings are the BEST! But if you drove to the bagel store, wouldn’t you have to bring the bagel guys a batch of baked goods? You’ve turned your bagel run into a swap, right? 🙂 Hope they aren’t making you pay anymore… 😉

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