cut off jeans shorts to boot

My minster emailed me this horrifying photo yesterday; there was a potential threat of posting it to his Facebook page, so I am taking back the power and fully making fun of myself before he has the chance.

Ah, seventh grade, how I loved thee. If nothing else, apparently I didn’t have a vain bone in my body. Pretty sure I’ve got 3,000 different layers of bangs going on, not to mention that stylish plastic jewelry. To my credit, we were leaving for a work trip in northern Arizona and I’m pretty sure we were headed to Slide Rock park, hence the ever-so-stylish cut-off jean shorts. That’s a fair excuse, right?



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  1. Wow! What happened to friends not letting friends wear neon. I think that mantra was still true in 1992.

  2. Freaking awesome. I think you should declare a ‘post an embarrassing picture of yourself’ day, then encourage people to write comments on your post so we can all go visit their funny kid pics too!

  3. Are you kidding?? You’re ADORABLE. And if that’s your embarrassing photo, I now hate you. I lived through (and embraced) the asymmetrical haircut, rubber bracelets and Aquanet hairspray.

    And, tasterspoon, what’s wrong with jams???

  4. Oh my beautiful daughter;
    What in the world are you complaining about?
    This picture is DARLING. TO ANYONE. Not just your mother.
    I love the haircut, and as for the neon green, Kermit the Frog was extremely stylish in 1992.
    You could never look awful to your proud mother.

  5. Truthfully I think you look quite exceptional for a 7 th grader. Stylish for the time……most of us look back and can’t help but say, “WHAT were we thinnking?!” However, most of us were just dressing the style of the time period. Hey, I gave up pretty dresses to wear ripped jeans with florescent designs painted on them,a poncho and no bra. Okay, I gave my age away! Hippies were very cool at the time. I love the photo of you myself. You were that lime green with confidence!

  6. You look very happy and kind–just like the Kelli that comes through in the marvelous posts on this great blog! RE: the plastic jewelry and layered bangs…you get NO sympathy here, Sister–I lived through–nay–EMBRACED–corduroy bell-bottoms, poofy 80s “attack bangs” and jelli sandals at different points in my life. LOL Have a great evening, Kelli!

  7. ok, i’m going to have to side with Karel on this one. you look hot (in an 80s 7th grade sorta way). i think you should post it on match. 🙂 i would participate in post an embaressing pic day. and mine would be MUCH worse (i have just the one in mind. it involves giant pink glasses and jackson 5 hair.)

  8. Delurking to say I totally agree with Jen in PA and the others who think this picture was cute!!! At least you weren’t rocking the oversized plaid shirts and backwards caps that I was that year. That, and hypercolor t-shirts. With Earrings and my wet n wild or bonnie bell lipgloss. What was I THINKING?!?

  9. I think you look adorable! I absolutly love that necklace. Kinda reminds me of Mardi Gras. I in high school around this time very into the whole grunge scene. Combat boots, flannel shirts, no make up or any attempt to style hair. Well I still don’t wear make up or style my hair, but at lease I don’t wear combat boots anymore!

  10. I love it, I am taking back the power, you go Kelli! And I think I had the exact same necklace that I bought at the Claire’s Boutique while being a mall rat with my friends. I think you look very cool for 1992. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Alright seriously, you are too cute. I remember that age so clearly, finding “my look”. My oldest is getting to that age now, and some of the things she puts together I’m sure she will look back at and be horrified. But for that day she’s happy. You are clearly happy too, remember the happy neon and all.

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