A Junie Tutorial: Seatbelt Sleeves

Many of you know Junie Moon; she is that super positive, upbeat, incredibly kind sewer who posts amazing photos in her flickr account, but doesn’t yet blog. Well, she’s come up with a great summer sewing tutorial that must be shared. Thankfully, I’m the lucky duck who gets to spread the word.

Car Seatbelt Sleeve Tutorial, ala June:

Title Photo

The seatbelts in my car rub and irritate my neck. But obviously, I need to wear them as they can help if I ever get into a car accident (if you have been in a car accident then you can learn how to file a car accident claim in Oklahoma City here. Obviously, if you don’t live in Oklahoma City then this might be different, however, there are loads of other law firms that you can use to help you get the compensation you deserve. If you are still unsure about who to use then you could always check out a company like Frost Law Group, LLC. Getting into a car accident is an awful thing, but hopefully, if you are wearing a seatbelt then there shouldn’t be a problem. If, however, you have an accident that wasn’t your fault and it caused you an injury then it might be a good idea for you to get a lawyer (why not check out these attorneys for car accidents
here). However, even though my seatbelt is uncomfortable I will still wear it just in case (it is also the law). But luckily I am able to make these seatbelt covers to make them more comfortable. Since an old set I purchased wore out, I decided to make a new set myself instead of buying them. You don’t need much material for the seatbelt sleeves. I used leftover soft flannel from another project and bought car header liner at Jo-Ann’s Fabrics (in the home deco section near the vinyl fabric bolts). Here are the instructions and illustrations for you to make some for yourself. It really is easy.
The instructions are for one seatbelt sleeve. If you want to make 2 or more, then you’ll need to plan accordingly.
Step 1: Cut out fabric pieces as follows:
‚Ä¢ Exterior fabric: cut 2 9¬?-inch squares
‚Ä¢ Heading liner: cut 1 9¬?-inch square
‚Ä¢ Velcro: cut 8¬?-inches of ¬æ-inch wide Velcro

Photo 1

Step 2: Layer fabric pieces and heading liner as follows—one piece exterior fabric right-side up (facing you), one piece exterior fabric wrong-side up, and the heading liner material (it doesn’t matter which way this is facing). Pin in place and be sure to catch all 3 layers.

Photo 2

Step 3: Leaving a 3-inch opening in the middle of one side of the fabric sandwich for turning right-side out later, sew all 4 sides with a ¬?‚Äù seam.

Photo 3

Step 4: Trim all 4 corners by cutting on the diagonal, being careful not to cut through stitches. Then trim the stitched seams on 3 sides (not opening side) to approximately 1/8”.

Photo 4a

Next, move the seam of the exterior fabric on the 4th side over a bit and trim the header lining to 1/8” to cut down on bulk.

Photo 4b

Step 5: Turn right-side out so that the heading liner is in the middle and both exterior fabrics are on the outside. Turn the 3-inch opening inside by ¬?‚Äù and pin in place.

Photo 5

Step 6: Stitch ¼” inch around all 4 sides (which closes the 3’-inch opening, too).

Photo 6

Step 7: On left side of seatbelt sleeve, pin the rough (male) part of the Velcro along the edge. Stitch the Velcro around all 4 sides.

Photo 7a
Photo 7b

Step 8: Turn project over so that the Velcro you just installed is on the right but facing down on your table. Measure over 2¬?‚Äù from the left edge of the side now facing you and mark down the left side of the sleeve.

Photo 8a

Place the right edge of your soft fuzzy Velcro side (female side) along your 2¬?‚Äù mark and pin in place. Stitch the Velcro around all 4 sides.

Photo 8b

Step 9: You are done and can install in your car by folding it around your seatbelt. Make more for all your passenger seatbelts, if you wish.
Car Seatbelt Sleeve Tutorial written and executed by June Scroggin, 2007
Photos © by Dub Scroggin, 2007

Bucking the Registry: Giving Homemade

bridesmaid bag, nl

Finished bag, with tag and ribbon key fob inside.

I’m not anti-registry. If anything, I wish birthday registries were socially acceptable because I’d sign up for a long list of practical items at Target I’d love to have, but haven’t yet budgeted for. That said, I’m bored with wedding registries. I like my gifts to be memorable and special. There is nothing special about Pyrex, no matter how much you think of me when making those 10,000 casseroles during your marriage.

pile of wedding bags

All eight, stacked and ready to be delivered.

As of late, I’ve been asking girlfriends who are getting married if I can help them with wedding crafts instead of going the registry route. Did they need anything sewn? Could I create invites or thank you cards?

tagges tied on the bags

I used a couple stamps to create personalized tags for each bag. The bride’s colors are pink and brown. I love the new sepia stamp pad I purchased for this project. It is just the ride shade.

One of my girlfriends will be getting married this fall; I offered to create gifts for her to give to her bridesmaids. Colleen whole-heartedly inspired this notion by the incredible tags she similarly created for a friend’s wedding. I approached the bride and she was thrilled by the offer.

Clasp wristlet for bride

The bride, of course, needs a zipper pouch for her bag. And with a clasp that connects to the key fob inside? Perfect.

I’ve yet to give these to her and the anticipation is killing me. {Fingers crossed she doesn’t read my blog.} This is one of those rare projects where everything came together just right. I had been thinking about the color, design and details for several months before starting. I saved coupons from local fabric shop to get the supplies at a discount. I spread the production time over several weekends so I wouldn’t rush or get discouraged.

zipper cu

This tutorial greatly improved my zipper sewing skills. It is fantastic!
I am tickled pink with the results and can’t wait to give these to the bride this weekend. Yippee!

wristled clasped to bride bag

Gratitude Friday

if I were Jessica Simpson for a day...

A few things I’m thankful for today:

1. Bike helmets. So glad I had a helmet on when I hit the ground last week. So glad I am on the mend and feeling remarkably better. My finger is still swollen, but otherwise I’m good to go.

2. Brick workouts. I completed my first brick yesterday — meaning I stacked two workouts. I cycled for 45 minutes (Ruby and I have decided we are no longer seeing other people and are in love again. I haven’t told her about my side loves: the running shoes and Speedo.) and then ran for 30 minutes. The first mile of running was, to put it nicely, horrific. My legs were screaming, “NO! This is not what you do after you ride. What you do after you ride is you sit on the couch. And you feed us. You do not run. You do not collect $200. Please get us back to a resting position pronto.” Then the second mile was easier. And by the third mile, I’d found a groove and was smiling from ear to ear, imagining the finish line at the race.

3. While I’m boring you with my tri-training gratitude, I’m also thankful for Finny. She’s a runner and we’ve been encouraging each other. Even though we are about a thousand miles apart, we are both running 9 miles tomorrow morning in support of each other and training. I really wish we lived closer, although I’m pretty sure my liver is thankful we don’t.

4. Napping. I’ve recently mastered the 2-hour afternoon nap. No kidding. I come home from work, jump under the covers and conk out for 1.5-2 hours. Suddenly, I am able to go out with friends past 8 pm and not fall asleep at the table. Who knew you could train and be social? This is entirely new to me. Jeepers, I’m still talking about training. I’m annoying myself.

5. How about that photo? I am thankful I’m not carrying those babies around in real life. Yikes.

Happy weekend y’all,

I Hear Cable is Fun Too

caddy, ready for a crib

Dear Finny,
Ever been this close <---> to being finished with a sewing project and realized your print fabric was cut the wrong direction? I briefly considered starting over. I’d been working on this caddy for a good four hours. Instead, I poured myself a nice cold glass of reisling and said, “What would Finny do? She’d say, ‘Who doesn’t love a topsy turvy giraffe?'” Indeed.
Certainly the new wee one to whom this caddy is intended won’t mind.

goodies for the caddy

My friends are having babies like they don’t own television sets. All of a sudden, everyone is pregnant. Come to think of it, it’s been about three years since I was drowning in bridesmaid gowns. I’ve got more baby gifts to create than you can imagine. I’m getting the feeling this bathroom toiletry caddy turned crib caddy will be my token shower gift this season.

caddy, stuffed

What do you think? I can see this thing hanging off of a crib, ready and waiting for action. I briefly considering making another one for the parent’s bedroom, stuffed with Tylenol and tiny bottles of tequila, but I figured my sarcasm and a cesarean makes for a pretty rough week. And what is the August project already? Geez man. Get on the ball.


A Brownie for an Extention?

Dear Finny,
Okay, let’s face it — my priorities are all wacky. I’m supposed to be one of the leaders of this In Stitches sew-along and frankly, I’m just not keeping up. I really am quite excited about the bathroom caddy we selected for the July project, and I even know the theme I’m going to rock. I just haven’t made the time to sit down and sew it yet.

{And it all fairness, I’ve just regained regular use of my finger. Is this ridiculous barrage of excuses working? Hello? Bueller?}

I’ll have the project done by Friday. In the meantime, have you seen some of the fantastic caddies in the photo pool? Wowza. Nice work ladies!

peanut butter in the middle

How about a brownie in the meantime? I whipped these up last week. The easiest way to spice up a brownie-in-a-box recipe? Add a dollop of melted peanut butter in the middle. Yum. I brought these to softball and they were a hit. Perhaps I should have eaten one or two. It seems I cannot hit, the ball that is. Struck out swinging several times.

another dollop of brownie on top

But you know what? I’ve found that frisbee/softball/sewing teams don’t really mind if you suck as long as you bring a smile and a platter of sweets. Enjoy!