And on the Seventh Day…

january 30 taxi 011

mark and susie 028

mark and susie 031

mark and susie 034

mark and susie 036

{Quick road-trip to Tucson with Carl to pick up Little P; turn on slow drip to soak front garden plot; oil change, car wash, fill up car; groceries; craft store; coffee shop for garden grounds; pregnancy portraits for M & S; birthday lunch with Elaina; Lowe’s for bricks and compost; back to garden to pull out oleander and honeysuckle, plant bougainvillea; bake brownies for grandpa; bake cake for Mattador, plan birthday gift for Jason; bake buttermilk biscuits for Super Bowl party; cut out two more Taxi Totes — one for each of these nuts; pick out new knitting project; make correspondence list; plan children’s moment for church tomorrow.}

I am attempting to form a routine of enjoying Sunday at church, with my family friends and nothing more. This leaves Saturday a bit hectic. Then again, I can’t tell you how happy I am to have that darn oleander out of my garden and tomorrow wide-open for new adventures.


Don’t You Honk at Me

Taxi tote #4

Taxi tote #4

Trying to model the tote

Wrapped, ready for delivery

The final Taxi Tote completed and ready to be sent off to its recipient. Yahoo! I am glad I pushed myself to learn how to sew bias tape. And I’m thankful for your patience in reading about this silly theme for nearly a month. I think improving in sewing, like many other hobbies, is truly just a matter of patience. The more you are willing to give, the better the result.

Patience is one of those characteristics that doesn’t come easy to me. My mother? She regularly detangles my jewlery box and can sit, binding a quilt by hand, for hours in sheer happiness. My father? Yes, well. Let’s just say I have his passionate Irish temper. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve seen him angry, but it hasn’t been pretty. I’m not terribly attractive when I lose my patience either. As for the headline, one of the easiest ways to piss me off is to honk at me in traffic. I’m not a great driver, but I am also not in your way.

So there!

Happy Friday peeps!


Fleet of Taxis*

{Housekeeping: if you leave a comment and ask a question, I always try to respond. That said, please double check your email address and make sure it is correct so I can get back to you! Thanks! Also, I buy my sewing labels here. I shoot a Canon Rebel Digital that desperately needs a tune up. I pay this dude to design my site. He’s great.}

Taxi Tote: Round 3

Taxi Tote: Round 3Taxi Tote: Round 3

Taxi Tote: Round 3

Taxi Tote: Round 3

Still not 100% perfect, but better. I managed to use skinny bias tape on this Taxi Tote and it took a good bit of patience to turn — see the 10,000 pins above — but with each bag, I am a bit happier with the result.

I’ve got one more of these almost done and then a stack of new projects I’m looking forward to. Have you make your fleece hoodie or baked the lemon drop cookies for this month’s Craft-along yet? Get to it! One day left to add them to the Flickr pool to be included in the January prize.

For the record, I made the lemon cookies and they flopped. It was my own fault because I don’t have a mixer (this is another story dealing with my lust for a KitchenAid and superstition) and they just didn’t work out like they should have. They were still quite good, but flat as pancakes. Eh, next time I’ll try to stick the batter in the fridge for an hour or so, per Ms. Snappy’s recommendation, to get a better result.


*AKA: The Day I Made Bias Tape my Bitch


cut off jeans shorts to boot

My minster emailed me this horrifying photo yesterday; there was a potential threat of posting it to his Facebook page, so I am taking back the power and fully making fun of myself before he has the chance.

Ah, seventh grade, how I loved thee. If nothing else, apparently I didn’t have a vain bone in my body. Pretty sure I’ve got 3,000 different layers of bangs going on, not to mention that stylish plastic jewelry. To my credit, we were leaving for a work trip in northern Arizona and I’m pretty sure we were headed to Slide Rock park, hence the ever-so-stylish cut-off jean shorts. That’s a fair excuse, right?



1 + 1 = 6?

Peaceful Morning

I was reading the other day how you shouldn’t trust the calorie counters on cardio machines at the gym; they can be misleading, even if you enter your accurate weight and regularly have it keep up with your heart rate. I conducted a bit of an experiment this morning and wore my heart rate monitor while I worked out on the treadmill. After 42 minutes, the machine said I’d burned a whopping 540 calories. Woo!

But not so fast. My heart rate monitor says I burned 384. Which one is correct? I have to go with the lower number, but considering they are using the same information, it does make me wonder. What’s the equation and which one is correct?

Also, do I need a new heart rate monitor? Because if I had the extra $400, plus $80 a month for the subscription fee, I’d be fueling my obsessive compulsive nutrition and exercise hobbies with that fabulous Bodybugg thing The Biggest Loser participants wear. Have you seen those? Wow. (You think I’m crazy now. I’d be super nuts with one of those.)

Alas, it is just simple math for me: calories in vs. calories spent. I’m not sure I’ve got the math down perfectly, (still having a hard time figuring out what I burn on an average day without wearing the stupid monitor all day long) but I am learning more everyday from my trainer, the nutrition blogs I pour over and spending time with friends with similar interests. I am also pushing myself just about as hard as I can go in the gym and loving every second of it. Also? Learning how to eat every 3.5 hours with diligence. It speeds up my metabolism and also helps with portion control. I’m eating fewer calories than the typical 3 meals a day and don’t deal with the blood sugar highs and lows of eating large meals.

I’d love to hear your experiences with nutrition and what’s working for you.


Completely Biased

Taxi Tote: Round 2

Taxi Tote: Round 2

Taxi Tote: Round 2

Taxi Tote: Round 2

Taxi Tote: Round 2

Taxi Tote: Round 2

Taxi Tote: Round 2

Taxi Tote: Round 2


Still not entirely perfect, but the bias tape on Taxi Tote #2 was significantly easier and the result much nicer thanks to that tutorial. The recipient, Ms. R, was thrilled. She is very, very, very into pink. She also started her first semester of community college last week and now has something very, very, very pink to carry her books in.

To prove the old adage, “practice makes perfect,” I’ve got two more cut and waiting to be sewn. I’ve also got plans for an additional two. I am not sure there is a simple joy sweeter than hearing, “Can you make me one of those? I love it and I use the other bag you made me all the time.” Giddyup.


Garden to Table

I achieved one of my long-time goals yesterday and you’d think I’d won the domestic lottery:



Garden to table

Table set

Food from the garden to the table! Cilantro for the guacamole, to be precise. Yesterday I hosted a small staff happy hour at my house. For social acceptance purposes, I didn’t let anyone know how dang exciting it was that I was in part feeding them out of food I grew myself. Woo hoo!

As for the recipes for the photos I posted yesterday, I have to ask for your patience. I’m working on a new project that’s keeping me from sharing too much, but I hope to have them in your hands soon! Thanks for all the sweet comments. You know if you are ever in Phoenix, you always have a seat at my community dinners.



That Fabulous Finny

Seams to me Taxi Tote

Finny sent me an email last week to say, “stop your whining about bias tape and saddle up already. Watch this video and tell me even your goofy ass can’t sew it.” Okay, she didn’t say it exactly that way, but I’ve never been as funny as she is.

Seams to me Taxi Tote

Angry Chicken’s bias tape video is only 4 minutes but took about 3 hours worth of grief out of my life. Her method of sewing bias tape makes a lot of sense. So much so, I decided to give the Taxi Tote another try — or three.

Perhaps I’m a glutton for punishment, but Finny and the Chicken typically know what they are talking about. Back soon with the verdict,


Princess, Perhaps?

Remember when I wrote about that elementary school near my office that puts a “lifeskill of the week” on the marquis? This week’s is resourcefulness, which I love. If there were royalty of resourcefulness, my mother would be queen. I can’t tell you how many times she explained the difference between a “want” and a “need” to us, or said, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” In other words, use your creativity to fix your problem.

My most recent use of my mama’s advice was this weekend when I looked at those green curtains I once sewed and realized how poorly they fit the windows. The design — with Velcro tabs on the back so they could be raised — was good, but the sewing wasn’t. Enter one generous Home Depot gift card, six or so hours of drilling, sewing and then cleaning up after myself and voila!

NAU quilt, hanging

A new place to show off one of my mom’s quilts. She made this for me when I left to study at NAU. The pillow cases came later from a sewing swap. Kate in Australia knew just what to make!

New fancy curtain rod and curtain

A little bit of muslin and another easy curtain was whipped up. This is perfect because I can now sew at this desk with perfect natural light.

Garden, before

I also managed to finally put together another wish — a potting table. I’ve seen these in so many magazines, but never had all the components handy to put a useful to work.

Potting table


I spent the better part of the long weekend cleaning, organizing and hauling stuff to Goodwill. My home is now in order and the whole thing cost $11 — three new potted succulents.

Succulents chillin'

Not only are these pretty, but they don’t need a lot of water and are kinda tricky to kill. Thank heavens because if you can believe it, I’m pretty sure our winter has already flown by.