Under the Same Moon, e-book edition

Under the Same Moon

It’s only taken a year since the book signing to get my ducks in a row, but thankfully as of this morning, Under the Same Moon is now available for e-book purchase.

The learning curve with self-publishing both print and e-book formats is Herculean. The next book, Basket Baby, will take a fraction of the time. Funny how that old adage “practice makes perfect” rings true. I would guess the writing and publishing of a second novel takes 1/4 the time, if you survived all the minutia, and militia of critics, from the first.

Thanks so much for your continued support. I am thrilled this is yet another avenue for my story to be shared. In the last few months, I’ve felt a surge of motivation to keep writing. A friend mentioned in passing there is a great writing cooperative in Denver. Another regularly asked on Twitter when he could finally get a copy for his iPad. A third volunteered to edit the print version. My friend Sheila encouraged me to keep working, complimenting my story telling. And there is always my mentor and friend Alaina who checks in with the simple email, “ARE YOU WRITING?”

I am. And hot damn, if that doesn’t feel great.





Cody and I took our dogs for a hike this weekend, climbing in the front range for a couple hours. On the way back, about a half mile from the car, we heard a notorious rattle in the bushes. In time, thankfully, we saw the rattler. We backed away just as a woman stopped and asked what we were looking at. We pointed to the snake, both dogs now growling and acting completely freaked. Her home, within 100 yards of the trail, held several dogs and a large garden. She asked my brother to please kill the snake. It was the seventh one this summer she’d killed.

Hiking M Mountain

To know me is to know my most irrational deathly fear of snakes. Any shape. Any form. Any size. I dislike snakes. But there I stood trying to talk these two out of killing the animal. Wasn’t it only doing it’s job? Wouldn’t it keep rodents out of her house and garden?

Unfortunately, my voice didn’t win. I teared up when the shovel came down on the glorious beast. I am no fan, but nature works. We mess with nature, by, say, building a house on a mountain and not expecting creatures on “our” territory. That snake had a role. It was doing it’s job by rattling, letting us know to get out of its way. Instead, it met a quick death.

We stood there afterward for a few minutes on the trail, watching the body twitch — the nerves still working after death. The scales shimmered. And I’d be lying just a little bit if I didn’t think in that moment, “Huh. I’d like a snakeskin purse or boots one day. That’s real purdy.”

Cody + Raj
And this is yet another sign I’m becoming a giant, tree-hugging crazy Colorado hippie. I’m now rooting for the snake. This was the second one I saw this weekend hiking, but my first time ever seeing a rattle snake. I’ve always heard you’d hear a rattler before you see one; now I know it for truth. I also know I should turn down my iPod when hiking alone, otherwise I’ll miss the telltale siren.


P.S. The snake did not go to waste. Its head was buried to prevent an animal from later becoming sick from the venom. Cody put the snake on ice, hiked it out and is planning on using the skin and rattler for some project, and eating the meat. Seriously. You may call him Davy Crockett. I call him brave, plucky and in great need of a haircut.


Dearly Beloved

Dearly Beloved

I’ve never been a person lacking in sentimentality or emotion; weddings are the worst. I cry at the drop of a hat. “Look at the flowers! The program! The dress! Oh man, the grandma is dancing with the groom!” Insider trading tip: invest in Kleenex before I attend weddings.

My biggest worry with Adam and Kim’s day was that I’d cry. Actually, my biggest worry was that I’d be so nervous, I’d have a couple shots of tequila beforehand and then get up there and make too many jokes and an ass out of myself in the process. I sincerely wanted to have the guts to open with, “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate this thing called life!” Even though it was the perfect crowd, my voice hiccuped and I stuck to the pre-approved script.

No tequila, no tears. Huh. There might be something to that…

I spent the hour before the wedding with Kim and her bridesmaids. One could say I was praying with them, but in truth I was sipping a glass of champagne and reviewing my notes. It wasn’t until we arrived at the ceremony — a gazebo in the woods overlooking a lake — that I lost my nerve. Seeing Adam in his suit, standing with his best friends, furiously reviewing his vows? Well. There was a lump of doom in my throat.

There he was. My best dude friend. In a suit. His face wasn’t peaceful. It was anxious and first-day-of-kindergarten nervous. He was ready to get these vows over with and hit the party. I had two seconds to give him a hug and give Matty a pinch on the butt before I scattered down the aisle in my surprisingly slippery cowboy boots to the altar. Soon enough, I was surrounded with Kim’s gorgeous bridesmaids on one side (who collectively could use not just a cheeseburger,  but to invest in an entire McDonald’s franchise) and his frighteningly charming groomsmen on the other.

She came around the corner with her dad and the look on Adam’s face instantly transformed. He lit up, and like a child on Christmas morning, giggled. Everyone could tell what he was thinking — “Can you believe that gorgeous woman is going to marry me? Holy mother of all things Coors.”

And then, in a flash, I was announcing them man and wife. The ceremony included the Jewish tradition of breaking the glass, a joyous “Mazel Tov!” by the crowd and a sincere applause when they were finally able to kiss.

Being able to marry them blew my mind. Honored and all that such doesn’t do it justice. I am just so very glad these two found each other, we were all able to see them get married and that they are considering moving to Denver. Because their minister said so.

Much love to the newlyweds!




Queen Kong

A few fun, completely silly photos from the wedding and Wyoming adventure:


Driving a car not known for comfort or speed. COME ON HAMSTERS!


Mattador self portrait

First love

His first true love



Dancing maniacs

Dancing queen


Julezig’s signature pose

Groom's cake

The groom’s cake — a Coor’s

Why, hello there

Right where I like to be — surrounded by gorgeous men. Look! There is even an African bookend.


And quite possibly my favorite photo of the toasts. Danny and Brian — both best men — took their golden opportunity to roast a few friends and family. I have never laughed so hard.

As Rebecca said, if one of us could have a wedding with a bonfire, a folk band and 100 people singing songs while roasting smore’s — we might touch this wedding’s style. I am in serious friend, humor and good times withdrawal this week.


Adam Mack Gets Married!

I’m fairly certain this is the most fun I’ve ever had at a wedding. As a result, I can barely tie my shoes today. (Solution: flip flops.) I’m tired, happy, covered in bug bites and my stomach and cheeks hurt from laughing. It’s going to take a couple days to gather my thoughts on all that took place in the last few days. In the meantime, a few of the basics:

The ever gorgeous bride

Kim was the most gorgeous bride ever. Adam melted when he saw her.

Peacock wedding cake

The Wright’s know how to throw a party. Their generosity was unbelievable and Adam’s mom paid attention to every last detail — from horse drawn wagon shuttling guests to the rehearsal dinner to the care packages left for each guest in the hotel rooms. Adam is the first Wright grandchild to marry and I’m not sure how the bar could be raised.

My boys

I could not love these two more.

Matt and Bec

Julezig + Kent

Also — these four? Well. They are most certainly my family too. I couldn’t have managed all of the emotion and detail of this weekend without these girls and their husbands by my side, encouraging my bad behavior, making me giggle and indulging my incessant requests to give them hugs and tell them how much I miss them.


It also didn’t hurt having this hot honey on my arm.


His milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard.


Congratulations, Adam and Kim!



My new amazing boots

Yep. Those are my minister boots.

Off to see Adam and Kim get hitched; be back with details soon, y’all. (!!)


Mountain Air



Nelson and I are on a mission to climb as many trails in the Rockies as we can before it gets too cold and my Phoenician roots keep us indoors. So! We set out this weekend with an idea and gobs of time. What we found was Golden Gate State Park and hours of opportunity to wander through incredible scenery.




Yeah. I can’t believe I live here either. By the time we reached this meadow, we’d been moving fast for a couple hours and I was sweaty and ready for a break. I plopped down, gave Nels a treat and enjoyed the sounds surrounding us.

It’s been three months since I’ve moved to Colorado. In some ways, that seems like yesterday. And in others, my life here is not what I expected. Three months is an exceptionally short period to place such lofty expectations. Then again, I’d spent five years planning the move before I finally made the jump. Needless to say, it’s going to take many more miles on the trails before I have my feelings in order.

I miss home. I don’t miss the heat. I miss my folks. I don’t want to be in Texas. I miss being a social butterfly. I like the newfound quiet this schedule provides.

Not a bad place to take a break


With my eyes closed, sitting cross-legged in that meadow, my senses were overloaded with details. I could hear the wind singing in the trees. Butterflies occasionally flittered by. Bees buzzed with their homeboy bravado — collecting pollen and doing their thing without worry about how much noise they were making. A nearby stream bubbled. Nelson snapped his jaw at every bug that came too close to his snout.

Morning light

The sun danced across the meadow, with the shadows of the wildflowers bouncing in the rays. And the smells — the glorious scent of the Rockies. There is the underbrush of pine that is musky and damp and spicy. The aspens smell like a slice of a bright green apple — tart and sweet. And then, there is that mysterious sweet grass that you can catch a breath of here and there — elusive, delightful and as comforting as cinnamon rolls hot out of the oven.

Alice in Wonderland

There are days this all certainly feels like it’s out of Grimm’s playbook.

On to the next three month chunk — one day at a time. With fewer social hiccups, more new friends, trails conquered and opportunities to fall in love with this gorgeous place.