A few photos from a lovely Easter weekend:



J\'s basket

The dork

The pooch


The crew

Lazy woman\'s fruit salad

Spread {Have I already mentioned how over the moon I am to have Adam and Kim living in my neighborhood? They just drove over for brunch and hung out for a couple hours and WE GET TO DO THIS NOW WHENEVER WE WANT. It looks like my Rocky Mountain tourism materials work on at least one set of friends. Now, about the others… Time to ramp up my efforts.}



April 2012 Book Club

In Phoenix, I was a member of the “No Vampire, Anti-Suck bookclub.” This coven of librarians came together monthly to enjoy dinner and review a book of choice. The books we read were across the spectrum, introducing me to a variety of authors and topics. I’ve had a gaping intellectual void without this monthly meeting — and the challenge of finishing a book and being prepared with something mildly entertaining to add to the conversation.


April 2012 Book ClubApril 2012 Book Club

Enter the “14ers Book Club.” We met for the first time this month to review “The Tiger’s Wife.” While just two of us finished the book, everyone had a strong opinion. The views varied from “fascinating” to “more dialog!” Most members agreed the author’s storytelling ability was unbelievably well-crafted, although at times the timeline was confusing.

April 2012 Book Club

Out of a scale of 1-14, the book ranked a 9.5. (I gave it an 11. I can’t wait to read what she writes next.)

Next month’s book: “The Unbearable Lightness of Being.” 



Transform, II

Another of those patchwork zakka bags I love sewing so much:




This one is being sent off today as a belated birthday gift. And so, without wanting to ruin the surprise for the recipient, I’ll just say I am so very lucky to have her in my life.

{Also, I think I’ll be adding this book to my craft library today. Ack! So many cute ideas!}



A set of patchwork placemats, with cloth napkins and coasters for the Easter basket of a certain someone who loves all things orange:



Table is set




That tart Joann keeps getting too much of my paycheck, and so I’ve taken to sifting through my local thrift store for craft supplies. Bamboo handles, for example, are easy to cut off one bag:


to help transform another:

For Amy

Bag for Amy

Bag for Amy

Bag for Amy


Spring tote for a girlfriend I’m meeting for the first time this morning. Amy’s long commented on my blog and once upon a time gifted me the most generous thing a “stranger” has ever sent. She’s been an exceptionally kind voice over the years she knew I needed the encouragement. I am so looking forward to seeing her today for yoga and coffee. (And returning a bit of the bag love.)




Completely off the paleo track for a moment, I recently had a crust competition to see which pizza dough was better. The prized “no knead” dough that graced the recent cover of Bon Appetit started this nonsense. And while I had the best of intentions for making fabulous homemade bbq chicken pizza, I made a fatal cooking error: I didn’t read the entire recipe beforehand.

BBQ chicken

Imagine how much patience I had for a dough recipe that needed 18 hours to rise when I’d spent the previous 5 days away from home working, including the night before sleeping on the floor of a rather dirty airport? (By sleeping, I really mean trying to doze with one eye open for ax murderers.)


Out of patience, I sat down at the computer to find another crust recipe and quick. My guest would be arriving in a matter of a few hours, only about 14 short of the 18 required for the recipe I had in mind. Nonetheless, I tried both dough recipes.

The no knead, without sufficient time to rise, was neither aesthetically nor flavor pleasing:

No knead

(Unfair, I know. I didn’t give it the time it needed.)

QUick rise

The quick rise dough? Super pretty and tasty. Winner, winner pizza dinner.

However neither dough held up well for leftovers. Anyone have a great pizza dough recipe that makes their summer gardens full of tomatoes and basil that much more fun? Share. Please!


A Southern Affair

I attended a wedding last weekend in New Orleans for one of my colleagues. Being a polite pain in the ass, she refused to tell me where she’d registered and I was unsure of giving money. While I know everyone loves receiving money, I like giving something handmade for weddings.

Several weekends ago in Boulder, I ran across this cookbook at my new favorite cooking store — Peppercorn. Paired with a couple his and her aprons — my gift came together:

Bride apron

Bride apron

Groom apron

Groom apron

Those tattooed feet are not the groom or bride’s. Thanks Kim!

The bride, Vanessa, never looked more beautiful than her wedding day. The ceremony was meaningful and sweet. And once the dance floor opened up, that girl got her groove on. We were having so much watching the stress and anxiety of planning a wedding fall off of her with each shimmy and shake. And can she move!


Also — southern weddings are a fun mix of music, people and food. This one included a mashed potato bar, and just about everything bite sized fried you can imagine including “fish cones.” Yep. Just as it sounds. Tiny pieces of fried fish in ice cream cones with tartar sauce.

fish in a cone


I am going to miss working in New Orleans. Namely, I’m going to miss regularly being called “Miss Kelli” by coworkers and “honey” and “sugar” by people at the airport. And the hotel. And the restaurants. And the gas station.

Bless their southern hearts,


FxF Sew Along: March Winner

peachy seam -- march winner

Right? So cute. The color, fabric choice and crafstwomanship are stellar. Bravo Peachy Seam! 

The next sew along project for Fabric by Fabric 2012 is a bit different. We will be doing both a project out of the book, and one you’ll simply have to use your creativity for — both are kitchen related.

1. The book project is the Hot pad apron on page 53. Super cute, super easy.

2. The second project are placemats. This might take a bit more than 1 yard of fabric, but not much. Use your creativity and stash. Upload a photo of your finished projects here afterward. I’ve got a project in mind… Can’t wait to complete and share!

And, go!