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CAOK 2013

February 11th

CAOK 2013

CAOK — Calculated Acts of Kindness —  is a campaign set to make the world a bit kinder, organized each Lenten season. For 40 days, participants are asked to take an extra moment to do a kind act. This year, I’m encouraging anyone interested to do 13 acts of kindess — none of which require money, but all of which require your attention.

If you are interested in sharing your acts and finding other inspiration, post photos here.

CAOK 2013

So, yeah. There is a lot of nonsense in this world we cannot control. Jerks dominate the news feeds. Tragedies haunt each of our lives in some way. The world is starting to boil. What can we do?

Easily, we can toss up our hands, and toss back another drink, complaining how we cannot do a thing. Or, we can come together for 40 days to work to make our homes, communities, offices a bit better. Less litter. More compliments. Wide, sincere smiles. Doors held open. Warm cups of coffee provided without explanation. Prayers said quietly. Appreciation given loudly.

Will you join me? 13 acts of calculated kindess during the next 40 days. By Easter, we will have made the world a better place.

With love,


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The Sweet Things in Life

February 7th

Oh, hi. I’ve been a bit remiss in keeping up this week. Work has taken off — which is wonderful. I haven’t had much energy to cook, craft or write as a result. In lieu of another regretsy entry, a few current joys:

Champagne coupe

1. Great stemware, specifically champagne coups. How great is this glass? I was served a glass of bubbly at a girlfriend’s house this week and wanted to sneak this baby home with me.

I didn’t. I just thought about it.

#3 CAOK Birthday treats

2. Cupcakes. Specifically red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and a surprise delivery for my dear friend BJ. He’s 21 again this year and doesn’t look a day (or decade) older.

CAOK 2013

3. Handing a friend a bottle of whiskey and reminding him heartache is temporary. And Colorado whiskey is always good — like love — in the right amount.

4. Weight lifting. I’m not kidding. I cannot believe it has taken me this long to fall head-over-endorphin-fueled-and-newly-toned-heels for pumping iron. I am on cloud nine for the rest of the day when I start with a good hour of heavy, sweaty gym time. This has saved me this winter. (I am so thankful the daylight is growing longer!)

CAOK 2013

5. Knitting and Netflix. It has been sparse the last few weeks, but finding a good movie and an hour to dig into a new project makes my week brighter.

Let's polka

6. Polka dot capris. Or wrap dresses. Cardigans. Socks. Just about anyway I can wear dots (or stripes) these days, I’m in. I love this style. (Even photographed from such an odd angle. Kinda hard to take a good capri photo by yourself.)

7. Mentors. I’ve got a team of people watching out for me these days, folks who really do not have to care. And yet, they do. They send email. They call. They set plans for long conversations. They keep me on track, and make me better.

It is a sweet life.



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Come on, Sweet February

February 4th


This weekend was my grandmother’s memorial in Tucson, and the first time I’ve been in the same room with that many family members. It was a great celebration of her life. I made it through the ceremony with limited public sobbing and was so thankful to have my parents on one side and my brother on the other. Friends from far and wide came to tell stories; it was an hour full of peace and grace. (And even some Beyonce lyrics, which is a hilarious story for another day.)

Our family is really lucky to have so many good people in our lives. My gram would have hated the attention, but I’m sure she was happy to see all but one grandchild in the same room, in a church no less, sharing how much we loved her.

Have you heard this song? For those who listen to Christian radio, it’s a regular. The lyrics haven’t rung true until the last month. (Chalk that up to a very gentle and loving life to date, for which I am so thankful.) 2013 has come in with a fury — but there are thick, gorgeous silver linings around these clouds. I’m hoping to have put all the sorrow and angst of the year behind me in the first month. Concentrated? Yes. But oh, so glad to be done with it.

I’m reading a book right now that is total fluff and a much needed break from literary book club selections. One character describes the source of inspiration for long, loving relationships (may they be with a sibling, parent, best friend or lover) that “forever” is created from daily choices. To say your are sorry. To ask for forgiveness. To trust.

The character says, “Life begins when you realize love is stronger than pain.”

If there is one thing I have from my grandmother, it’s this: love. Love God first, and everyone else as you want to be treated. Trying to keep this in mind as I navigate a new month, full of possibility.




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Of Note

February 1st


I saw this piece of art in a shop this week in Denver. It is a big piece — something that would be excellent over a buffet in a formal dining room. I love it, although I’m not sure I love it enough to fork over a full paycheck.

When I wasn’t out gallivanting and looking for art, I ran across these:

A great reminder list for those writing from Pixar. This isn’t new but it is brilliant, and I read it every few months to stay on track.

This tree table runner. The simplicity of design, the color of the leaves and the precision of that free-hand quilting that make this project A+. I am newly obsessed with sewing trees.

Speaking of sewing, Quilt Dad is rad. I just purchased one of his scrap quilting books (Hello cute tree pattern on the cover!), and dig his willingness to be a dude in a female-dominated hobby.

Smitten Kitchen’s new cookbook is a 5 out of 5 banana review. The photos, stories, and creativity in this cookbook are fresh. I’ve gone away from having a counter full of books in lieu of the photocopied Cooks Illustrated recipe, or more dangerously — recipes pulled up on my phone. But this cookbook will have a permanent place in my future kitchens. This week I whipped up her stuffed pasilla peppers as a side for a dinner party. Excellent!

And for those who love Africa, and need something to entertain them between Sunday’s viewing of Downton, may I recommend Wild at Heart? This British series about a family that moves to South Africa to run a game park is sweet, entertaining and animal lovers will delight in the variety of beasts featured. Plus, several seasons are on Netflix insta-stream.


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