2015 Project List

March 30th

I made a pinterest board with the crafty projects I’d like to try this year. On the list: these spruced up Ikea storage boxes. 

Ikea box organization

Ikea box organization

In lieu of painting them, I used a little washi tape to set them apart, and added some leftover drawer liner to give a bit of weight to the bottom of the box.

Ikea box organization

Ikea box organization

Ikea box organization

While these boxes come with metal hardware, they are more like a fancy shoe box in composition. Aka: flimsy. They are perfect for lightweight items only.

Ikea box organization

And to keep it real, that’s a shot from my art room closet. See the cardboard box on the top left? A Costco grocery left over. I used my label maker to throw on a tag — but it isn’t fancy. I’m still in “use what you have” mode, and “finish all those ridiculous projects you’ve already bought the supplies for and kinda started” mode.

Making these boxes did force me to go through all of my craft supplies and get organized. Do you remember the episode of Sex and the City when Carrie realizes she doesn’t have a savings account but she does have 100 pairs of really expensive, fabulous shoes? I am not quite in that spot, but I need to cut everyone out of my life named Joann and Michael.

Next up on the 2015 project list: this Noodlehead pool tote. We head to the beach in three weeks. Weeeee!


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3 Responses

  1. Cute. And I know what you mean about having way more craft supplies than I have time for. What is so appealing about purchasing them? I suppose there are worse addictions!

  2. I’ve tried to put myself on a craft supply and fabric diet this year….I’ve done pretty well so far but I’ve had a couple falls off the wagon. Oh well!!! I’ve committed myself to a lot of swaps this year and it’s really getting me to use of some of the stuff I have.

  3. StephanieS March 31, 2015

    First, I love that tote! Second, I’ve been known to spray paint a heavy shoe box and lid and use that for storage. Use what you have.