24: Advent

December 21st

Pasta Party!

Pasta Party!

Pasta Party!

Another pasta party this weekend, because this time of year makes me want to curl up on a mattress of spaghetti with a bottle of champagne. Or not.

Today’s blessing is insomnia. Yes, this post is brought to you by 2 am — when my creative brain shakes me awake more often than I’d prefer. There is simply so much excitement scheduled for the next few weeks — time with family and a return to Africa at the top of the list. So, rather than toss and turn, I’m up writing, reading and enjoying a lunar eclipse. The world is conspiring to keep me entertained in the middle of the night.

Stephen Colbert and Jesus Hussein Christ are also keeping me very entertained. I’m pretty sure Jesus had zero political interest, but ouch — this social justice fueled monologue about the disassociation between those claiming Christianity and our actions is spot on.

“Don’t forget Jesus hung out with tax collectors and prostitutes. No good conservative would be caught dead with tax collectors.”


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5 Responses

  1. Love this post, Kelli. We’re swimming in cats and dogs out here in CA, so no lunar eclipse for us…but I’m sure it was stunning. I’m excited for you with all of the terrific things going on in the next few weeks and I’m glad those muses are in full swing! XO

  2. I love Stephen and his monologues…

  3. No fun on the insomnia! Love the Colbert bit.

  4. Looks like you might have spilled some sauce on the table.

  5. I LOVE that Colbert clip. Probably the best sermon I’ve heard on the politics of Jesus 🙂