April 30th

Homemade ice cream sammies

Homemade ice cream sammies \Homemade ice cream sammies \Homemade ice cream sammies

Homemade ice cream sammies

I had a few folks over last night to celebrate Matt’s 26th birthday. He isn’t used to such celebrations or being showered with love by new friends. I was so pleased to see so many people who’ve met him in the last two years, and enjoy the craziness that is the Pink Golfer, make time to come over. As a foreigner in Arizona, he is loved and welcomed. This give me hope.

And peanut butter cookie, banana, chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches? They give me happiness.


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10 Responses

  1. That sounds like such a fun & yummy ice cream sandwich combo. Yum. Happy birthday to Matt.

  2. Your killing me with the pictures of such yumminess! I hope Matt enjoyed his birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday, Matt!

    And, *hello* cookie sandwiches. I really can’t tell you how good that looks. I have filed it away for summer. I want that a lot.

  4. Happy birthday to Matt.

    And yummmmmmmmmm…. those cookies look awesome. Can’t wait until it’s warm again here so ice cream will sound even better. LOL.

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Um and now I want cookies….

  6. Melissa May 1, 2010

    Words cannot decribe how good those look! I was looking for any easy recipe to make with my son, yum!

  7. Ken Newlin May 2, 2010

    I just watched Giada and she copied your recipe. Giada had a Mother’s day brunch and her dessert was the exact cookie.

    Great seeing you at Jason’s and Elizabeth’s abode,

  8. Happy Birthday to the Hottie Room mate šŸ™‚

  9. Happy belated birthday Matt!!!! Oh…..those cookies…..pure Heaven!

  10. How wonderful that you have each other. Your friendship is simply beautiful. Enjoy your time in California!