30 in Pink

May 19th

make a wish

Yesterday we celebrated Mini’s 30th with an afternoon party at Rebecca and Matt’s house. The food was entirely appetizers — a collection of Mini’s favorites, including bean dip, pesto, sushi, hummus, cake, cupcakes, bean dip and did I mention the bean dip? There was also a margarita machine and about 10,000 types of wine. It was a fun, gluttonous afternoon but the hands down favorite of the buffet table were the red velvet cupcakes from Sugar Blossom. Have you had one of Melati’s creations yet? If not, splurge. You won’t regret it. Everyone raved how good they were and I had to answer roughly 500 times that no, in fact I did not bake them. I bought them. See how smart I am!

Mini reacts to childhood photo
amy butler birdie sling, mini 30th birthday

The party also provided the perfect opportunity for a new pattern review. Amy Butler’s birdie sling is cut and dry. The directions are clear and I like the construction, especially the handle.

birdie bag, pleats
birdie bag, peek at bee pockets

However, the next time I make this I will forgo the double-sided pockets and the interfacing. I get better results with canvas. I’ll also do one less pleat on either side. I would like the opening to be a bit wider. I plan on sewing two more of these this week, including a fun summer bag for moi — to hold my cupcakes, of course.
Happy Monday Peeps,

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14 Responses

  1. Love the bag! Thanks for the canvas suggestion – that means I wont have to buy tons of supplies once my pattern finally shows up 🙂 Can’t wait to see your next creations.

  2. sounds like you had a lot of fun!

    The bag is totally cute. I was thinking about getting that pattern. Now I just might have to!

  3. What a fun way to ring in thirty! Was that bag a lovely gift for the birthday girl? So cute.

  4. Man, I wish I could sew! I really really like that bag.

  5. Beautiful bag!

  6. Ooh…red velvet cupcakes. With cream cheese frosting. That’s a really delicious thing. Definitely worth it.

    Really cute bag, btw, I like the one handled style. Nice work!

  7. I got this pattern the other day, along with the iPOD and laptop cover pattern (I posted abou the iPOD case I made today). I’m glad you mentioned some of the details about the bag. For instance, I really don’t want those pockets either so shall skip that part. Your bag looks great and the colors look happy together.

  8. Melanie May 19, 2008

    Not only are those cupcakes delicious, they are also very pretty. Almost makes you feel worse for destroying their beauty than for the killer calories. Also, Happy Birthday to Mini.

  9. The bag is great, I love the colors.

    p.s. Someone brought a cupcake home for me tonight & it was pretty darn good too.

  10. I LOVE that bag. It is bright and cheery and it looks like the perfect gift. Great job.

  11. so love the colors and pattern on that birdie sling!!

  12. Lovely summery colours for the bag!
    It looks very practical too!

  13. Hi Kelli! I just caught up on your last few posts, and you have been busy! Reading your blog is almost like a vacation for me… I will definitely have to go to the Grand Canyon when I get a more fuel efficient car! The bag is fabulous.

  14. Coomer May 21, 2008

    OMG – finally someone else is 30! yeah