June 22nd

Today is Mr. Willie Nelson Mandela’s 4th birthday. Two years ago, we became a little family — and oh, how he has made my life happier.



First bath

Yeah, I'm smiling

New hat for Duda

He is the best hiking partner, and nothing makes me laugh like scratching his tummy and seeing him pull back his tiny black lips to smile wide. Skunks, fleas, ticks be damned — WNM is the best dog ever. I am forever thankful to the Denver Dumb Friends League. 

We will celebrate as we do — with a cupcake toy from Target, a new collar, long walk and Kong full of peanut butter.

Nelson: year 1

Happy 4th birthday, Nels!


Tall Girl

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9 Responses

  1. Ahhh dogs are awesome!! I’ve always had dogs but I was more of a cat person for the most part. When I got laid off from work a couple years ago my kids were in school and my dog and I spent the days out in the yard. She was such a great companion. When she passed I said I wasn’t going to get another dog. I made it a month. There is nothing like having a devoted little fur buddy!

  2. Happy birthday WNM, we miss you!
    Rachele and Jemima

  3. nalani June 22, 2013

    Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday!!!!! Go WNM!

  4. Awww Happy Birthday to the luckiest dog I know!

  5. Oh! Love that last picture. What a handsome pup!

  6. Happy birthday, sweet boy! 🙂

  7. I’m sure you provided him the greatest time!

  8. Happy birthday Willie Nelson Mandela!