4: Advent

December 1st

4: Advent


One of the easiest ways I cut through the holiday hype is by using what I have to celebrate. I love Target. In almost every way possible, I adore that store. And while I’ve wandered the aisles of glitter bird ornaments, the trimmed trees, the polar bears on ice skates decals, I don’t want any part of it. It’s my inner prairie woman — my Laura Ingalls Wilder — that instead screams, “NOT THE POINT. KEEP IT SIMPLE!”

So, today’s Advent celebration is one cheering simplicity, frugality and environmental consciousness. Gifts wrapped in paper bags with a big of ribbon is one of the ways I’m keeping things minimal this year. I’ve got a few other wrapping ideas using left-over string and fabric that will posted later too.

What are your creative, low-key wrapping ideas?


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  1. So simple and pretty. My standby, especially for kids (to make gifts easier to tear open) is a couple sheets of second-hand tissue paper tied with a matching second-hand ribbon.

  2. I’m a big fan of the “Close your eyes and stick out your hands” method.

  3. Ha! That was me yesterday in Target: Wandering through the giftwrap aisle with stars in my eyes, til I remembered, You were going to wrap those gifts in brown paper bags…. Then I marched off before I forgot again. πŸ™‚

    Last night, I decided to make fabric drawstring bags for some of the larger gifts. Since the fabric has been on the shelf for several years, it’s value had depreciated to about $0. Well, it’s gonna be good for something after all!

    Good advent to you, my friend!

  4. Love your frugal and creative ways. (Btw, I used to love Target too until I found out they are not military-friendly. Sears on the other hand – very military friendly! Shop at Sears and K-Mart! πŸ™‚ )

  5. Oh yes, I have a weak spot for Target too. It’s ever so challenging to resist! A few years ago I started wrapping ALL gifts in brown postal paper (super cheap by the roll). I tie them with string, sometimes the kids color on them or stick a bow on (like so: http://kenjiandjen.blogspot.com/2007/12/christmas-festivities.html), but my favorite is to stamp names or messages on them with alphabet stamps & brown ink. It keeps it simple & personal πŸ™‚

  6. Oh, I love Tar-zhay, too. But I cringed when I walked in there last weekend. Ugh…so ugly, commercialized Christmas. Nothing simple or sacred about it. I’m all for simple gift wrap. Right now I have a REALLY ugly roll of birthday wrapping paper that I’ll never use. So I was thinking about turning it inside out and using the white side this year and I might use some of my precious Japanese masking tape to jazz it up.

  7. My dear friend wraps gifts for her sewing friends in fat quarters (or larger cuts if need be). The ribbon is always a 2 1/2 fabric strip. It’s always fun to receive a gift from her and then add the “gift wrap” to my fabric stash.

  8. While I try to always take a bag along to the grocery store, when I forget I opt for a paper bag. I save the paper bags to re-purpose for many things, and one of my favorites is to use it to wrap gifts. Simply dissect the bag along the seems and turn it inside out. This year I found some adorable ornaments while visiting my sister in Albuquerque that are made from recycled metal and made in the USA, they were $2.00 each and for certain “special” gifts I am going to use either leftover ribbon or kitchen twine to tie the ornament on instead of a traditional bow. The best part about grocery store or any brown paper bag wrapping paper is that it can be recycled, composted or used to start a fire after the gifts have been unwrapped!

  9. I love going to Tar-ghetto too. Love it. We go twice a week actually. LOL.

    I have always really loved the simplicity of brown wrap with fun ribbon. I also really love the sparkly papers and such that are out for the season. πŸ™‚