$5 tomato

February 17th

$5 tomato

$5 tomato

$5 tomato


Paired with some greens for dinner last night. The new farmer’s market at ASU started yesterday and I spent way too much money on way too little — but the flavors were wonderful. Plus, I’m learning that it is often not cost/time effective to do the best thing for your community (farmer’s markets, carpooling, low energy use electronics) but it is still the better option. And so, we very much enjoyed the $5 tomato — sliced with a bit of salt and savored before scallops and greens.

Today starts lent, and those who’ve been around for a while know that traditionally means the kickoff to Calculated Acts of Kindness (CAOK). I’ve done this for 4 years. This year, with a variety of new challenges in hand, I cannot. I fully believe CAOK is something you do regardless of the season and I hope my excessive efforts of the past have encouraged others. My one hiccup was the jaded feedback I’d misplaced humility to seek praise for good deeds. Noted. This year, my lenten journey will be private.

If you are participating in CAOK, I’m happy to praise you. Keep me posted on what you are doing!


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  1. My thoughts this morning, immediately turned to CAOK. I find it hard to document those little acts anyway…. but that doesn’t make them any less real or any less important. Love and blessings this lenten season, Kel.

  2. Yes, it is Lenten time again! I still haven’t figured out how I will be observing it this year. I know I should try to spend more time in prayer and reflection, but I feel like I need some kind of “program” to follow. What are your plans?

  3. Well that is one gorgeous tomato! Hmmm…your good deeds have always seemed so selfless and genuine to me. We all have our perceptions, but I believe your posts are pure inspiration. I certainly respect your decision to keep future acts of kindness private, but what a shame it is for those of us who appreciate and learn from them. All the best to you in your new challenges.

  4. ” My one hiccup was the jaded feedback Iā€™d misplaced humility to seek praise for good deeds.”

    did someone actually try to bring this to your attention or was it a personal realization/belief? I ask because I don’t think your blog is seeking praise for anything at all! it is quite possibly the total opposite, in fact it encourages others to search their souls and find meaning in their own lives by reading your good example. But I suppose you don’t set out to write posts with that aim either..
    regardless, thanks for blogging. you are doing good work here, more than you know.

  5. You do tons of stuff for people, it’s always nice to see that such nice people exist šŸ™‚

    That’s one expensive tomato! I hope it was good šŸ™‚

  6. that is one big tomato. it’s like a family-of-four tomato. it’s like a prime-candidate-for-the-biggest-loser tomato. it’s like an always-got-picked-last-in-gym-class tomato. in other words, it’s a whole lot of awesome.

  7. You do so many nice and wonderful things for people. I’ve never felt that you were seeking praise with this blog. Keep up the good work you do and ignore those selfish readers. Hope that tomato was worth it. Sure looked delicious.

  8. I will miss your lenten reflections. But I completely understand what a drag it is to be misinterpreted. Blessings.

  9. That’s one BIG tomato. šŸ™‚ Next time, I’ll go with you!

  10. I certainly understand that you have a ton of stuff going on in your life now and that it would be craaaazy to commit to more stuff but I’ll miss your CAOK posts. They were inspiring as well as fun to see what you were doing/baking/cooking/sewing/otherwise crafting and arting. Well, I’ll try to do a few in your honor.

  11. Don’t ever think that your CAOK projects were done for praise. You are an inspiration to others by how you live your life. You are generous with your time and talents and and you always give to others in creative ways. May your Lenten journey be full of blessings.

  12. You’re so right about the balancing act we do with supporting local farmers and the true cost involved.

    Although I don’t practice Lent, I am always interested in your annual CAOK project. As I’ve shared with you before, I’ve not officially participated in your CAOK challenge because I prefer to do such things anonymously although I will share sewing or other efforts publicly on my blog to hopefully inspire others to join the endeavor. So, you’re decision to be private this year makes perfect sense to me. I’m so happy to hear you’re continuing your personal CAOK — but I’m not surprised as it’s part of who and what you are — a wonderful person.

  13. thank you for all that you do. i have always loved COAK!! we do it with the kids during lent and advent now. keep your chin up and all the balls in the air sweetie! i think i have rejoined the blogosphere. i think. i hope.

  14. It is so unfortunate that the best things for the community and for individuals is not the most cost/time effective. But truly is the right thing to do. Hopefully enough folks will eventually realize this so that it does become easier for all. In the mean time, enjoy those jinormous tomatoes until your own plants come to fruit and you can share the love and save the $$.

    Your CAOK will be missed here. It does server as a source of inspiration. BUT, those on the receiving end of your deeds will surely be thankful regardless. That is where the true beauty lies. Though maybe after Easter you could let us know about one or two. šŸ™‚