7 Ya Yas and 150 Cupcakes Later…

Coconut cupcakes from that Barefoot Contessa

One of my childhood girlfriends celebrated her wedding this weekend. She and her husband eloped in Hawaii and then had a reception here. They’ll have another reception in a couple months in Chicago, where they now live.
They asked if I’d help bake for the event. Amanda and I took the project by the horns and produced 150 homemade mini-cakes for the event. She went so far as to find Hawaiian-themed chocolate molds and make her own candy. (I’d be lying if I said I didn’t swoop in and steal a couple of those, leaving the cupcakes behind with a swipe of frosting missing. Classy gal, I know. Blame the open bar.)

Baking for a wedding

Mine were either lemon or coconut and of the dozens provided, there were few left at the end of the afternoon. Mission accomplished. Even better was having the entire gang in town for the weekend. It has been so nice to have everyone together. Last night over pizza (and water — I do have some self-restraint), we pulled out a box of photos from junior high and high school. We laughed so hard my stomach hurts this morning. I learned a few things:
1. I cannot believe I ever wore that much makeup. White eye shadow should be banned. (1994-1997)
2. My Monica Lewinski Halloween costume is still my favorite of all time. (1998)
3. We dated a lot of boys with bad haircuts.
4. I am so blessed to have these girlfriends. We’ve stuck with each other through thick and thin (literally).

Ya Yas, 2008

May we all be blessed with such genuine friendship.

16 Replies to “7 Ya Yas and 150 Cupcakes Later…”

  1. Aren’t I an idiot? I totally have all the leftover candy at my house. I should have fed it to you guys last night! šŸ˜‰

    I feel incredibly lucky too…

  2. What a bunch of fine ladies you are! Yes, friendship is the salt of the earth, something that warm up the chilling times. Keep this friendship safe in your heart Kelli.

  3. The cupcakes look pretty and delicious. You all look good. I envy your being able to get together with friends that you’ve had for years. Oh what I wouldn’t give…Girlfriends truly are the best.

  4. Awww… sniffle. :o) I love your beautiful lemon cupcakes with the slice in them!! We had a lot of lemon themed stuff at our wedding, these woukd’ve been brilliant!! Also brilliant would be the approach your friend took to getting married. It’s what everyone says and man, is it true: if I could do it all over….I would’ve done it much more simply.

  5. time with girlfriends + 150 cupcakes… what could be better? šŸ™‚ so glad you had a great time with your girls.
    and my friend, i am thinking of you with the job struggles right now. big hugs your way. xox

  6. Have you ever thought of making a blurb book of your blog posts? I am thinking about making one for my class this year. Seems to me you have some awesome memories that deserve a hardcover.

    Also, does memory serve me right….did you and Finny go to Santa Fe a while back? We are taking a small road trip there in a few weeks and I would love to pick your brain.

  7. OK, don’t tempt me. I really could put up the pics of the white eye shadow… Your blog friends are asking for it! šŸ˜‰ j/k

  8. I love that you are still so close to your h.s. girlfriends. Cheers to good friends and great memories!

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