Fifth of July, you pale in comparison


Anyone else wondering how this fabulous holiday weekend sped by at warp speed? I flew into San Diego Saturday morning to meet my friend Kristi. She’s living in La Jolla for the summer and is less than a 10 minute walk from the beach, and the oh-so-yummy view of surfers lapping up the southern California waves.

Agave at dusk, dark, La Jolla, CA

La Jolla at dusk.

We drove to LA to visit friends and spent the next three days stuffing ourselves with international food, movies, surf and sand and shopping. What’s a trip to LA without a coveted stop at Paper Source — home to all things good? (If you were ever wondering what my one true financial pitfall is, it would be pretty paper. I love writing letters and for whatever reason, it makes perfect sense to me to spend $100 on envelopes, pens and stickers, although I’ll gripe about my $75 electricity bill until I’m blue in the face. Silly? Yep.)

Santa Monica through a dirty windshield

Ocean Drive, Santa Monica, Ca.

We also visited Carlsbad, my most favorite spot in southern Cali. We took family vacation there for years, spending a week on the beach with our boogie boards. It makes me miss my family and childhood something fierce when walking through the shops and thinking of the many happy summer days I spent in this little seaside town with my loved ones. One day, we’ll return.

Fins of an acrylic sort

Carlsbad Pipeline, Carlsbad, Ca.

I love the craziness that is southern California. From the homeless man I saw in Santa Monica, pushing his cart and chatting on a cell phone, to the party I attended where both ricecream and tofurkey were served. A fabulous Fourth of July indeed.

Photos from Sprinkles Bakery in Bevery Hills, CA

Cupcakes at the Sprinkles Bakery off Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. If you are ever in the area, try the coconut cupcake. They are $3.25 and as close to heaven as food gets.

Watering can

Everything grows so easily in California.

Breakfast at Cora's Diner, LA

Best huevos rancheros ever, Cora’s Diner, Santa Monica.


11 Replies to “Fifth of July, you pale in comparison”

  1. Looks like a fabulous trip! Glad you had fun 🙂 And I am SOOOOOOO jealous you got to go to Paper Source. I love paper goods (duh)…and they are much more fun to buy than stupid electricity! Those huevos rancheros look so tasty, too.

  2. Before my family moved to Az FROM Carlsbad, I had never realized how many Arizonans spend their summers in Carlsbad. My parents still have a house in Carlsbad, and now when my husband and I go there for the weekends in the summer, it feels like we are those “zonies” even though I know that I’m not really.

    Still, it’s weird when I hang out at the downtown Carlsbad Starbucks and I see people I know from Arizona out and about.

  3. beyooooootiful photos. thanks for sharing. i Love la jolla at dusk. and really, i love any opportunity to say la jolla. years ago i got info about fat camp from there, and being from east tennesse where few placenames have spanish origins, i thought it was La Jah-La. Like what a la jal-la old time us fatties will have at camp. ended up not going because it was too pricey. haven’t been there, but love it for its name now. Oh, and I love saying Ojai, too! San Diego is nice though. guess this isn’t the time of year to see whales?

  4. all the food looks yum, and California looks so lush and, well, the opposite of NZ right now! My favourite picture was La Jolla at dusk- sooo beautiful.

  5. Once again, stunning work with the camera. La Jolla at dusk is beautiful, huevos look deelish and your toes look happy. Nothing better than lazy toes in warm sand 🙂

  6. wow-wee what a cool amazing trip you had!!! Glad you enjoyed yourself, I mean who wouldn’t with that beverly hills cake shop! oh and of course the surfers!

  7. I love Love LOVE La Jolla!! I must go back soon! Your photo’s came out beautiful & those “tasty” cupcakes really do look like heaven. 🙂

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