A Bit of Focus

A wee bit focused

I do my best with a firm plan in place, which is why once upon a time, I created a similar chart for my 1/2 Ironman. That chart got me through thousands of miles of training (okay, maybe 1 thousand miles) on my own and saw me through the best race of my life. I’m hoping this chart sees me through a summer of running and yoga and to a couple personal best times in the 10K and 1/2 marathon. I’m also participating in the 100 Pushup Challenge.

The truth is, I’m not a natural athlete*. I’m not particularly good at any single sport I’ve ever tried to master. But I am stubborn, which comes in handy when trying to finish a novel, a 60-day-yoga challenge, manage three jobs, or any of the other crazy challenges I’ve pushed myself through. So, I may not be running any races at an Ethiopian pace, but I can promise you I’ll finish and give it all I’ve got.

I’m looking forward to a summer of long and short runs through the desert, around Tempe Town Lake, with friends, alone, with dogs, with music and with my two legs that I know will see me to success.

What are your goals this summer?


* And yet? This doesn’t stop me from making bold statements at dinner parties, challenging friends and friends’ husbands to tennis matches, golf, bowling, etc. I wish my athletic ability could actually keep up with my cocky confident blabber mouth for once.

10 Replies to “A Bit of Focus”

  1. My goals for summer:
    1. To survive this week and throw off my latest cold bug.
    2. To get back to my yoga, and running, and add swimming to the mix.
    3. To read as much as possible.
    4. To eat ice cream and barbeque as much as possible.
    5. To not be intimidated by other women’s goals.

    Clearly, I have a lot of work ahead of me. 🙂

  2. My goal this summer is to move more and eat well! I have a goal to wear a beautiful (not plus size) dress in July for a wedding! I might just have to make myself an inspiration chart!

  3. I’m hoping some of your determination will rub off on this old dog! I opened my big mouth and said to a friend from GA that if she ran the 1/2 marathon in January that I’d run the 5 K. Right now I’m hoping they don’t offer a 5 K because SHE IS SIGNED UP!!! I’d better go call a trainer…

  4. Summer Goals:

    -De-clutter every nook and cranny of my house.

    -Sell things I don’t use on ebay so that I can buy the camera I’ve had my eye on for two years.

    -Complete the ‘couch to 10k’ program.

    -swim and do yoga once a week.

    -hang out with African Kelli. 🙂

  5. I want to take 8 strokes off my golf handicap. And maybe finish a shrug/wrap thingy I started knitting.

  6. I love making training plans for races! I goal this summer is to run 3 times a week, although I haven’t quite figured out how to make that happen yet. Good luck on your training! I bet you’ve got to get up pretty early in the morning to train for a half-marathon in AZ in the summer. =)

  7. Good for you! Frankly, the thought of going on long runs in the heat of a Phoenix summer would scare the crap out of me, so I’m notably impressed.

    My goals for this summer? I’ll think about those after I finish my first duathlon in June.

    Perhaps they will be, “learn how to not kill others in a bike race” or “go back to running because cycling is not the sport for me”.

    Who knows 🙂

  8. Hopefully I’ll have time to do some fun things with teh kids this summer. Sucks to have to work while they are home. I’m hoping to get up and go in early so I can get it over with early in the day.

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