A Brownie for an Extention?

Dear Finny,
Okay, let’s face it — my priorities are all wacky. I’m supposed to be one of the leaders of this In Stitches sew-along and frankly, I’m just not keeping up. I really am quite excited about the bathroom caddy we selected for the July project, and I even know the theme I’m going to rock. I just haven’t made the time to sit down and sew it yet.

{And it all fairness, I’ve just regained regular use of my finger. Is this ridiculous barrage of excuses working? Hello? Bueller?}

I’ll have the project done by Friday. In the meantime, have you seen some of the fantastic caddies in the photo pool? Wowza. Nice work ladies!

peanut butter in the middle

How about a brownie in the meantime? I whipped these up last week. The easiest way to spice up a brownie-in-a-box recipe? Add a dollop of melted peanut butter in the middle. Yum. I brought these to softball and they were a hit. Perhaps I should have eaten one or two. It seems I cannot hit, the ball that is. Struck out swinging several times.

another dollop of brownie on top

But you know what? I’ve found that frisbee/softball/sewing teams don’t really mind if you suck as long as you bring a smile and a platter of sweets. Enjoy!