A Kayaking We Go

October 28th

Delaney mentioned the other day that she wanted to learn how to kayak. I’ve been spending more time with her sister Madison and not as much with her, so I thought this would be the perfect chance to balance things out. Elaina and Nick have a kayak and huge hearts. We had fabulous weather this weekend and ready access to Tempe Town Lake. I threw all of these together and voila — a fabulous afternoon of me sitting on the bank reading a magazine, taking photos and watching an 8-year-old in kayak heaven.

I want to kayak!
Let me get in this thing!
Push and pull with the paddle
That thing is heavier than you'd think
To the water!
She's a natural
Off they go
Nick and Delaney kayak
matching hats

And then, of course, there was the requisite ice cream before she was returned to her family.

She's getting dental work done this week
Thumbs up for ice cream

Can’t wait to do it again. Next time, I’m getting a kayak for me and am going to stroll around the lake. I haven’t been kayaking since Costa Rica last year and man, do I love it. If I thought I could fit a single person kayak in my tiny car, I’d put it on my list for Santa. Do you think they make kayak trailers for bikes?


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  1. That looks like so much fun! It’s something that we have been meaning to learn how to do as well. I wonder if they do make trailers for bikes?? That would be awesome!

    And who doesn’t love Cold Stone! You have started a craving! πŸ™‚

  2. I came here to say that there are in fact kayak bike trailers, but Stephanie beat me to it.

    I haven’t been kayaking in years. Maybe I’ll put one in my letter to Santa too.

  3. They certainly do! (We see everything here in the Seattle area–LOL.)


    Have a happy day…

  4. That sounds like a lovely day! Delaney is lucky to have a friend like you.

    My one experience with a kayak was when I was rescued by a mysterious kayaker after getting dumped white water rafting. I laid across the front and held on for dear life as I was taken to dry land. I will always have a special place in my heart for kayakers.

  5. You asked – http://www.tonystrailers.com/kayak/

    or you could go with a folding kayak to fit in your car. http://www.feathercraft.com/

    Or if you can tow a kayak and a bike behind a smart car, I’m sure there’s something that would work for your car!http://www.smartcaruniverse.com/trailers/rackandroll.php

  6. I know they make kayak trailers for bikes because there’s a guy in Lawrence that has one. He just tools down the bike path to the lake and back every day. πŸ™‚ Go for it!

  7. Wow! Wow for Delaney, wow for Elaina and Nick for being so generous to a young person, and wow to you for putting this together, but the biggest Wow of all to Christy and Mark for allowing her the opportunity.
    This is the stuff that childhood memories are made of.
    Good job, Kelli.

  8. Shorts, bathing suits and kayaking?!?!? It was 25 degrees in OMaha this morning! You must love fall and winter in AZ.

  9. What a fun little outing! I’m so glad you both had a great time.

  10. So, I guess from the comments you can get a trailer for the kayak, but you even if you can’t put it in the car, I’m sure you could put in on the car..
    Also, the bathing suits and ice cream in this post are making me cold..
    I’ve never been kayaking, but it looks/sounds like fun..maybe next summer!

  11. I miss ice cream……
    By the way, I’ve had to break out my winter clothes already so I’m kind of jealous that you got to be out on the water.

  12. Kelli, as Delaney’s mom, I cannot tell you how much it means to me that you would do all of this to give Ms. D. the opportunity to kayak. She had an absolutely FABULOUS time and I guarantee you that she wouldn’t have had the chance were it not for you being willing to coordinate it all. You really are a great role model for my girls and I continue to appreciate EVERYTHING you do for them. Very few kids have such wonderful people in their lives. Thank you!!!

  13. Oooh, I love kayaking! And I love to hear about little girls getting to do fun outdoor activities like this. My niece is visiting in a couple of weeks and we might just have to go to teh Aquatic Center…

  14. I’ve totally seen people w/ kayaks behind their bikes in Seattle. It’s big up there.

    You know Ryan and I totally plan vacations around kayaking. πŸ™‚ Love it!

  15. Ooooh, kayaking is so much fun, but so much work! The last time I kayaked was in Kauai at this same time last year for our 10 year anniversary. That gives me an idea of what my husband and I can do this weekend for our anniversary! Thanks!

    It is so incredibly wonderful of you to invest in a child. Keep it up!

  16. We have the inflatable single person Seylor kayaks that we use when cruising around on our local lakes and I really like them. If you get a lot of wind, not so great, but otherwise, we’re really happy with them. They were like $90 on ebay.

  17. Ach, not ebay! Amazon.com! Why on earth did I type ebay? Anyway, also, yay kayaking and outdoor fun! πŸ™‚

  18. That looks like so much fun. It’s cold here in VA. It was blowing snow here yesterday, small flurries nothing major, but still cold. YIKES. It looks warm where you are. It’s already showing changed leaves here.

    We have a Cold Stone Creamery here too. Thankfully, but it’s so expensive it’s a rare treat.