A Last Taste of Bolivia

A few more of my favorite photos:
{Tomorrow: In Stitches September and back to domestic/triathlon/book chatter.}

Sweet patient

Has to be one of the cutest kids I’ve ever met. She was waiting for surgery at the Entre Rios hospital.

Happy with her new house

One of the happiest participants in our housing project; a resident of El Puente, Bolivia.

How nutrition influences height

The two of us in her new kitchen. I am not a giant in the United States, but in Bolivia I have a feeling most people look at me like Godzilla just arrived. Yes, I am slouching.

Llamas or alapacas?

A pretty moon, blue sky, happy llamas.

Female Shepherd

This photo was taken in Yunchara, Bolivia — at 13,000 feet. So high I had to stop to catch my breath after walking about 200 yards. Fruit and vegetables don’t grow here. The diet is entirely animal-based.

Indigenous woman

Our Bolivian partner told us that many indigenous people from Ururo and Potosi are gathered up and brought to the bigger cities to beg by “patrons.” Then they are taken home after a few months and they receive a percentage of what they’ve earned. It made my heart hurt for those I saw begging. Many women sit in the streets wearing traditional clothing and playing flutes with tiny, filthy children at their feet. You can tell this isn’t the way they want to earn a living, but circumstance has brought them to this street corner. I regularly gave food. (Take that patron!)

Candles for the Virgen de Chaguaya

Candles at the Virgen de Chaguaya cathedral.

Hey Zeus!

The biggest Jesus statue in the world — Jesus of the Concordia, Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Phew. Done traveling internationally for a while. Actually, I have to send my passport out tomorrow for additional pages. So, I’m stuck for at least 8 weeks.