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June 10th

La Frida!

Did you know there is a group in Arizona called The Phoenix Fridas? They are a group of female artists inspired by Ms. Kahlo. I’m not keen to joining another group, nor have I been invited, but I do love their work. They’ve been displaying Frida-inspired paintings, sculptures and jewelry at the post office on Mill Avenue in downtown Tempe for the last month. The work is truly beautiful.

La Frida!

La Frida!

La Frida!

I came home this week to another delightful gift in the mail from Christy. Nevermind the photos on her blog of her playing with snakes. ACK! She is such a kind woman and regularly sends me things when she’s found them thrifting. This week was a children’s book, in Spanish, about my very favorite Frida. I can’t tell you how much this act of kindness tickled me. I read the book aloud, to myself, and marveled at Frida’s life.

La Frida!


(Did you know Frida changed the spelling of her name from Frieda to Frida? Tons of interesting little tidbits I’m learning from this book.)


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4 Responses

  1. Elaine June 10, 2010

    Frida was the answer to final Jeopardy yesterday (I got it right while the hubby didn’t, ha)! I thought about you while watching.

  2. Very cool!

  3. I’m so glad you like the book and can read the story. My spanish is limited to things like taco, enchilada and margarita. 😛

    As for the snake….it was a fun thing to find on our property. And much cuter than the possums we caught.

  4. what a special book.
    i too love frida.