A Love-Hate Relationship

Toas Indian Chanters with Drum, Ernest Martin Hennings, 1935

Taos Indian Chanters with Drum, Ernest Martin Hennings, 1935. The Phoenix Art Museum.


~That we’ve got more than a dozen participants to date in the “It’s a Wristlet World” swap, with room for more. WOOT!

~The Phoenix Art Museum. I took my full two hours there last Thursday and cannot wait to return. I wandered through the Western exhibit with my mouth agape. I won’t be able to describe any of the art with justice. Let me just say, if you can make it to this museum, it is worth hours of your time. The collections vary wildly and anything the museum owns is available to be photographed. Granted, photographed without a flash, but it’s better than nothing. A few of my favorites here.

~Blair’s shop update. Her bags are oh-so-fabulous! I’d like Lyndie please.

~Jane’s survival kits.

~The Namesake. I only wish I was curled up with it this very moment somewhere cool. It is a great story. Last week I finished Stiff. Strange topic, but very well written.

~Warren Buffett. Just when everyone was thoroughly in a tizzy over $4 million baby photos for charity, he said, “$4 million? I had $4 million for breakfast. How about $37 billion?” I love that his money will help care for millions of people, rather than a few very lucky heirs.

~Britney interviews. This train wreck was some of the best entertainment I’ve had all summer.

On the other hand — The Not-So-Much Category:

– Taylor Hicks, the entire Hilton family, leggings, skinny jeans, purses the size of European cars, designer jeans that are cut too small in the thigh and too big in the waist (in other words, nearly ALL designer jeans), KFed, JLo, LiLo and all other ridiculously self-centered people who insist on these insanely abbreviated names.

– The White House trying to spin the latest abuse of our rights into an error on the part of The New York Times. Um, no. Nice try.

– My backtack parcel still hasn’t arrived. I am officially very angry with the Royal Mail. Royal pain in my ass more like it. Here is the photo of the softie I made, now lost in never-never-land.

Peace out my homies,

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  1. I second that list! I watched that Britney interview with Matt Lauer shaking my head in disbelief the entire time. Don’t those celebrity folks pay stylist lots of money to make them look their very best for interviews and such and publicist to advise them on what to say- how to say it. Someone has failed poor Britney.

  2. Yo, Afko! Great post. I agree with all your “hates”. The worst part of the Brittany interview was when [softie] Lauer was asking her about driving with her child on her lap and she kept responding with inane comments like, “that’s America for you…”. Um, derrr.

    There’s that silly Bush Admini, trying to blame it all on the messenger. Again. Cripes.

    Great little softie – there is still hope!!

  3. Well, I mailed a pkg to Australia several wks ago & the mailee has yet to receive it. Stupid lost mail! This book (The Namesake) sounds fabulous. I’ve just added it to my Amazon wishlist. Too bad nobody ever looks at the list aside from myself. LOL

  4. You crack me up. I love the way you write. I haven’t been to the Phoenix art museum and I haven’t read those books but everything else I totally agree with you.

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