A New Balance?

January 16th

Happy runner

Why the goofy smile?

Ready for a good hard run

Because yesterday was “new running shoes day!,” one of my favorites. I get new sneaks every 500 miles or so and was in great need. I can always tell when it is time to trade in a pair because my arches ache after a couple miles. (And sometimes you can feel a pebble or two through your sole if you’ve really worn them too long.)

New Running Shoe Day

Thanks to Santa, I had a generous Foot Locker gift certificate to use toward these fabulous New Balance babies.

eager runner

They made getting out for an afternoon run yesterday that much more fun!

Happy Friday friends,


P.S. Sticking with those resolutions, I signed up for Ultimate Spring Season today. Let’s hope this time around it goes much better than last.

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12 Responses

  1. New running shoes do make for a great day!

  2. Congrats! I love the pic of the sneakers on that beatiful blue and yellow quilt! Happy running and a happy weekend to you!

  3. I have the same shoes! But mine are white & silver. Kinda yucky looking. But I love my NBs

  4. I got new shoes two weeks ago. They gave me a blister on the first outing (darn it) but since then have been GREAT!

  5. hooray for new shoes!

  6. Yeah!! Sometimes it’s great to treat yourself to new shoes or an outfit for working out in.. Yeah for Santa and new shoes!

  7. 🙂 Simple pleasures.

  8. Enjoy your run in your new shoes!

  9. Our lives have a weird symbiosis. I got my new running shoes in the mail yesterday, too!

    Of course, I’m too fearful of blisters (thank you Winter 2006) to break them in on a long run tomorrow, but they’ll get out and about on Tuesday for interval training.

    Good times – love the big smile!

  10. You are just the cutest thing! Gosh, I wish I looked that cute with a hat! How about lunch Monday?

  11. You are so cute. It would take my 50 pictures to get one of me that I had a good smile in lol.

  12. good for you! my sneakers tend to last years, since i’m not so much an avid runner as you my dear…