A New Day

May 4th

Thank you very much for your encouraging comments yesterday. A couple of them left me in tears. I am regularly reminded how important my friendships are, so thank you again. As for the call for an Etsy shop, I’m flattered. For now, the wristlets will remain special gifts, but I’ll keep them in mind for future contest prizes!

Today is a new day indeed, and I’ve got a better attitude. In the last 24-hours, I’ve cleared a significant portion of work off my desk, completed to giant freelance assignments, sent out interview questions for two more and gotten in a great swim. I am learning how to manage stress. I respond well to a lengthy pool therapy session, where it is just me, the cobalt blue tile on the bottom of the lane, and a Nalgene bottle full of water. After about an hour, a long hot shower, and a quick drive to the bagel shop, my day is off to a fantastic start.
Several of you recommended, The Time Traveler’s Wife, as a good read. I can’t put the thing down. I found myself reading at a stoplight this morning. Great recommendation! Next up is a book from Finny Eat, Pray, Love. It looks stoplight-worthy too.

Last night I collapsed into bed after writing and interviewing. No baking. No crafts. Tonight I’m starting my new swim coach gig, so I’m pretty sure my domestic adventures are going to become more weekend activities.
I did make these recently, for Mother’s Day gifts. I took some of the photos from the Gracious Gardens photo pool and turned them into card sets.

photo cards

If you are ever interested in printing color digital images, Costco makes it very easy and affordable. You can upload your files via the Internet and then just show up the next day and they are ready. I was impressed.

Photo cards

Viola — easy and thoughtful gift, especially for those who love to write letters.


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9 Responses

  1. Wow, those are great cards.

    I might have to try and get a hold of that book.

    Good luck with the coaching gig tonight. I know you will do great.

  2. Gorgeous cards!!!

  3. Love making cards from photos — the handy HP photo printer does me right. Some of the girls in my book club thought E,P,L was stoplight worthy, but I was definitely more riveted by Time Travelers Wife. What can I say, I’m a fiction nerd. I know you were bored by Tipping Point, but “Blink”, Caldwell’s other book, was a fast and SUPER interesting read. I mean, come on, the subtitle is “Thinking without Thinking”. Had my name all over it. Either way, I read it in 4 hours. Maybe you can shelf it for future sessions at the intersection.

  4. lovely cards!!

    Glad you’re enjoying TTW. 🙂 I considered it my favorite read of ’04.

  5. A very lovely gift. A friend did something like that for me as a birthday present and put them in a very cute box. Thoughtful, handmade gifts are the ones that mean the most. 🙂

  6. Oh, and I second the Blink recommendation. I just read it this past weekend and loved it. It was really interesting. If you haven’t already read it, it should be on your list.

  7. I have to second the Costco shout-out… They rock! Super easy and CHEAP! Makes keeping the fam/friends circle stocked in current photos a great affordable option when gift-giving. And they come out great! Excellent quality..

  8. jenntraveler May 5, 2006

    beautiful cards!! oh, and you’ll love Eat, Pray Love.

  9. Beautiful cards indeed!!! I always forget about Costco, but after hearing how affordable they are I think I’ll give them a try! Thanks!

    PS. Glad your having a better day 🙂