A New Garden Sprouts

September 16th


Phoenix Container Garden

Phoenix Container Garden

Phoenix Container Garden

I spent some time this weekend planting one of our four patios. I came in well under budget, spending just $25 on pots (thanks to a finding a dozen on Craigslist) and $25 at the nursery on dirt and succulents.* The rest, I had and repotted — including some container gardening seeds from Native Seed.

Phoenix Container Garden

Phoenix Container Garden

I am very happy with the results, and will be thrilled in 60-120 days when we are able to reap the bounty of this little harvest. I’ve got a bunch of herbs, tomatoes, peas and peppers planted. I have two more seed packets of tomatoes to plant, but am waiting until it cools a bit more.

Phoenix Container Garden

I will not be deterred by lack of earth. I’ve never had luck with container garden, but perhaps my luck this awful, miserable year is finally turning.



*I texted the woman whose pots I purchased via CL later the same afternoon. She was delighted to see the pots in use. Yay! A good interaction online with a stranger, which still leaves me hesitant and feeling a bit vulnerable.

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  1. If you want to fertilize those vegetables every couple of weeks (the nutrients leech out when you water, so you have to feed more often), I bet you’ll have at least decent results.


  2. It seems more and more a home…I’m glad you’ve settled down (again) so well and I like the way you put so much love in every little details.

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