A Pinch of Creative Spirit, Shall We?

Cover art, framed

I opened my mailbox Saturday to a giant box from Colleen. She saved the original cutout she created of the cover, signed and framed it with gorgeous fabric and sent it my way as a congratulatory gift.

There weren’t enough Kleenex in the house.

Cover art, framed

Cover art, framed

I thought about editing out the toaster, but this is life. My home isn’t a gallery, but the kitchen just got a lot more aesthetic thanks to Colleen’s incredible generosity.

Birthday gift

In the artsy mood — I had a bit of time to sew this weekend for a birthday party later in the week. I love this pattern. I made a couple of these bags this time last year. It’s the mix of colors, the tapered design and the bamboo handle. Something about the handle brings it all together  and makes it look a little less homemade and a bit more handmade. (Semantics to some, style to others.)

Birthday gift

In other crafty news, for those participating in this month’s One Yard Wonder sew-along and want some guidance on sewing the Elodie Elephant, Sue found a great set of tutorials on Youtube. Brava!

IMG_4610Birthday gift

And on a final note, holy Mary Moses! On toast! How adorable are these baby dolls Shanna has created for the Brazilian Babies project?! I have such amazing artists in my life.


7 Replies to “A Pinch of Creative Spirit, Shall We?”

  1. Oh wow, isn’t life sweet? What a treat to come home to such a lovely gift! Also, can you share the bag pattern – so perfect for using up skinny scraps. And thanks for linking to Shanna’s babies – so sweet!

  2. Cute purse! And what a kind and thoughtful gift. You will treasure that always I am sure. It looks great in your kitchen. 🙂

  3. What a great gift! It would make me cry too!!

    Love the bag.

    I enjoyed your post yesterday but didn’t comment on it.

    Have a great Weds.

  4. I am really excited to buy your book in August. I am intrigued by the excerpt in the previous post. Having spent many years in West Africa, I am both horrified by and appreciative of the concept expressed in the excerpt. If your fave bookstore in Phoenix is selling advance copies will you post about it?

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