A Question or Two

August 11th

Baby Elephant Gift

Quick poll:

1. Would you be interested in supporing an Africankelli online boutique carrying a few select handmade items?

2. Would you consider buying an Africankelli t-shirt to benefit a charity of my choice?

Please leave your comments below. To entice you to delurk, I’ll be picking 3 commenters randomly to receive one of those boxy bags filled with goodies. (And if you are a dude, I’ll make you a macho bag full of rocks and sticks and tiny bottles of booze. Deal?)

Thank you!


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106 Responses

  1. 1. Yes, yes I would. I think some of your handmade items would make wonderful gifts.

    2. Yes – I would buy multiple t-shirts.

    OH, and I am a dude, just to let you know.

  2. 1 – Yes, although I hope that one day I can buy your stuff in a “real life” boutique.

    2 – Yes, bonus points though if you provide three of four of your favorites and then let the consumer choose (a la Buffalo Exchange)

    So stoked for this!

  3. Hey, honey. Emphatic “yes” to both!

  4. tee hee – tiny bottles of booze. 🙂
    Kel – whatever you’re doing, I’m behind.
    Good luck!

  5. Jim Tolar August 11, 2009

    1) yep.
    2) yep.

  6. 1 – maybe… only if I didn’t think I could make it myself! But I would definitely talk it up to all the non-crafties in my life.
    2 – yes! (although would that be stalkerish? Oh well, I think we both know I’ve already crossed that line.) =)

  7. I would absolutely buy those box bags. I love them, but don’t have a sewing machine and thus can’t/wont make them myself (hand sewing? you may be thinking and to that I say, no thank you, not at this time).

    I would buy a t-shirt if I felt comfortable with your charity choice and if it came in my size (I am “chubby”).

    Cool ideas!


  8. Colleen Cardoso August 11, 2009

    I love your bags….I would TOTALLY buy them. I would also buy a shirt!!!!!

  9. Julie ONeal August 11, 2009

    Yes I would buy items from an online boutique – they would make excellent Christmas/birthday/special occasion gifts.

    And yes, tees would be great too. Maybe even tanks for the hot AZ sun! Oh and I like the multiple charity option as well.

  10. 1. Yes
    2. Yes

  11. yes to everything miss kelli! you rock 🙂

  12. Yes and yes. And how come only the boys get the tiny little bottles of booze 😉 JK.

  13. K's Mom August 11, 2009

    Yes and yes

  14. Yes to both. Because everything you make is made with love and so darn cute.

  15. Both super great ideas! 🙂

  16. Let’s see … yes. And um … yessss again.

    And you completely crack me up with your rocks and sticks dude bag.

  17. Yes on both counts! It’s about time you dabbled in selling all the goodies you enjoy making. Just be sure you do it for the fun of it, as doing it for the money always ruins the fun. 🙂

  18. Yes and Yes totally!! I agree with Aimee, it’s about time! hehe. Chris and I would both LOVE to have AfricanKelli tshirts! And maybe some little tshirts for the girls.. perhaps an AfricanKelli onesie.. hehe

  19. Yes, You should set up an Etsy store, I’m on there all the time. I would buy an African Kelli shirt for charity yes.

    Good Riddance.

  20. Double yes for me. As one of the aforementioned “rock, stick, booze” type guys, my gifts for the women in my life often reflect things i like that i wish they liked too. So the “Africankelli Boutique” would probably be my first stop in those situations!

  21. There have been multiple things of yours I definitely would purchase so an online store would be awesome. As far as the t-shirts I have to ditto what the person above me (Amanda) said…thshirts for girls and a onesie would definitely be purchased by me for the little ones.

  22. yes and yes!!!

  23. Love the idea…yes to both!!

  24. Lynette August 11, 2009

    Yes and yes…

  25. Amy Rufkahr August 11, 2009

    For sure! To both of your questions. 🙂

  26. Juliann August 11, 2009

    Yes and Yes! I would love to be able to purchase your bags and other such fun crafty creations to give as gifts. And I would totally rock a t-shirt – especially if a charity donation is involved.

  27. Margaret August 11, 2009

    Yes and Yes!!

  28. 1) No. Sorry, not my style, unless I missed you making the hand crafted beer cozies.
    2) Maybe. I think you do good work and I think it’s worthwhile, but would have to like it more than I like the stuff from Fat Cyclist.

    Sorry I couldn’t join the chorus, but at least I’m honest. 🙂


  29. I would go with #2: I would consider buying an Africankelli t-shirt to benefit a charity of you choice?

    I’m a dude – and I hope to win!


    See you caused me to delurk from my Google Reader – bad Kelli!

  30. I woulod support both! you rock and I enjoy your blog! Thanks for the ongoing inspiration!


  31. Yes, and probably 🙂

  32. 1. Yes
    2. Most likely yes. I’m sure you’d be thoughtful about the charity you choose, but I would take it into consideration, before buying a shirt.

    Good luck in exploring your new ventures!

  33. 1) Certainly — it’d be a great place to pick up gifts for friends!
    2) Truthfully, I wouldn’t… I don’t wear t-shirts, have no need to collect more, and even if I did, I probably wouldn’t walk around sporting one for a blogger that I don’t know IRL or communicate with online. I do, however, like to donate to charity; personally, I would rather donate the amount that actually goes directly to the charity and bypass the buying of the t-shirt.

  34. 1. Yes. (I’ve been wondering when you would start an Etsy shop.)
    2. Probably. Depends on the charity. And, it would depend on if I’d actually wear the shirt (or, if I could gift it to someone who I know would sport it around town). You make so many awesome crafts, that I’d probably be tempted to buy other goodies over a t-shirt.

    So curious to hear what this plan of yours entails…

  35. 1. Yes, definitely

    2. Probably

  36. I think that’s a great idea. I would be game!

  37. Funny, funny, good luck!

  38. 1)Yes. Your stuff is adorable!
    2)Maybe…depends on if it was something I would actually wear or not.

    Best of luck either way. 🙂

  39. 1. YES
    2. MAYBE

    I’ll stay tuned…

  40. Jane Bennett August 11, 2009

    1.) yes, I would buy.
    2.) I want to know the charity before I purchase a shirt.

  41. Maybe to both….if it’s something I really like and don’t want to make, then I might buy something. And if I like the charity, might buy a t-shirt too.

  42. Yes, and depends on the charity. Delurking because I think you should definitely have a shop!

  43. i’d buy a shirt for sure!

  44. To quote the two fuzzy guys on Sesame Street…

    “yeep yeep yeep yeepyeepyeeepyeepyeepyeep yeep yeep…”

    Hell yes I’m behind ya AmazinGirl! Really enjoying your posts and guess what…the Devil’s Food Cake Mix has been PURCHASED! Finally ready to jump in on one of the craftsy dealios! (and on one of my mostest favoritest things…GINGER COOKIES! Can’t wait! 🙂

  45. yes and yes 🙂

  46. Yes, I think it’s a great idea!! I would definitely think of buying for gifts!

  47. Oh for sure! 🙂

  48. Yes to both 🙂

  49. 1) yes, I love the things you make

    2) definately yes.

  50. 1. Yes – I always have people ask me where they can get a purse/bag you gave me for a birthday present. I think you could be the craft Oprah.

    2. Yes – I like the choice of a few charities idea.

  51. Jessica T August 11, 2009

    I would be more likely to support a boutique than to buy a t-shirt. It seems there are always too many t-shirts in my closet, no matter how often I repurpose or donate.

  52. Yes and yes.

    Good luck Kelli!

  53. 1 and 2 ABSOLUTELY you can count on me on both!

  54. I would love to see a boutique…I come to this blog for creative inspiration. To be honest, I doubt I would buy a t-shirt. I have hundreds of race t-shirts I need to unload and at my *ahem* age, I’m trying for a slightly more grown up look.

    Your room mate sounds really lovely. Where did you find him?

  55. Yes!
    (heh, little bottles of booze)

  56. Of course I would support you on both : ) But I am also thinking some us girls may like little bottles of booze in the boxy bags too – hehe.

  57. Yes to the boutique. I love the things you make!

  58. Yes to both!

  59. jess mauzy August 12, 2009

    Yes to both. I already am supporting your online boutique 🙂 and I would gladly buy a t-shirt to support a charity, as lond as it’s a cool, funky t-shirt.
    I think it’s a great idea!

  60. Yes! Absolutely on both questions.

  61. It would depend on your choice of charity. Lovely idea.

  62. Quite honestly I’m not sure why you hadn’t done this sooner. Your creations are super cute and we all know they are made with love. 😉

  63. Yes and yes!

  64. I think a boutique is a fantastic idea and you should go for it. I am not a huge t-shirt wearer, but if you did one of those fancy shirts that are tees but more fitted, I might buy one of those.

  65. Oui and oui! I agree on the funky fitted tee idea, although I’m sure you’ve got a supercute idea already formulated for that!

    How do you have time for all of this? Are you superwoman!?

  66. yes to the boutique idea.. meh to the t-shirt idea. Im always seeing stuff you make and go oooooo i want 1.

    • oh and If i win, i want lil bottles of booze too plz.

  67. A definite yes to your handmade items…probably not to the t-shirt.

  68. Christy August 12, 2009

    Yes and Yes

  69. Yes. This is a great idea…the things you make are lovely!

  70. I’ve long thought you should open an online shop. How about a Shop @ Funky Finds!? 🙂 We will gladly extend our Buy One Month, Get One Free offer to you!!! Also, I love the tee idea. Very cool.

  71. I’d support a boutique – sometimes I want to create & gift but the time sometimes is just Not THERE! 🙂

  72. I would be interested in the boutique but not the tee. (Of course, if you do Etsy, I will find you there, as well.) And would you take requests?

    BTW, love how the lurkers de-lurked!! 🙂

  73. And I ditto laeroport. I have already been the recipient of your generosity. Spread the love!

  74. tracifree August 12, 2009

    Depends on the T-shirt, but a big YES to your online boutique!

  75. I would definitely support the boutique and likely buy a shirt to support a charity of your choice. If I happen to be the random people picked, please give the boxy bag to someone in need in your community (not that I wouldn’t love, treasure or appreciate such a gift, but I have lots to be grateful for already).

  76. Yes and Yes…even though I have my own shop. But I just sell boring fabric and clothes for tiny people. I would definitely support your shop and buy many things. (-:

  77. Veronica August 12, 2009

    I’m with the crowd this time: Yes to the boutique but no to the t-shirt. I’d pay a little more for the boutique items if you wanted to donate a percentage of your profits to your charity.

  78. I’d be more likely to support your boutique. I love your blog, and I have making slow inroads into sewing for the past two years. You always provide inspiration as well as humility, which I greatly appreciate!

  79. Meghann August 12, 2009

    One can never have enough t-shirts, and Lord knows I love your crafts!

  80. Cheapy McCheap weighing in: Since we pretty much make the same kind of stuff, I would probably support either venture at least once, depending on the charity. It would pain me to buy a shirt that wasn’t cute (which is to say: not the general beefy T variety), but I would do it for you. 😉

  81. Yes and Yes! I love everything you make!

  82. Yes to both as long as you keep in mind that not everyone is fit and trim and would need larger sized t-shirts 🙂 Like ME!

  83. Tina in Duluth August 12, 2009

    Yes and Yes.

  84. Heck yeah! Count me in!!

    (I just saw “Tina in Duluth’s” comment. Sweet! Someone else here knows of your awesomeness! Whohooo!)

  85. sharon in Sugar Land August 12, 2009

    It’s about time!!!! Yes, Yes. Always great to support a good cause.

  86. Giselle August 12, 2009

    I have to met I am impressed by all of your little crafy handmade creations. What would supporting an online botique entail? I might be interested, sounds like it could be fun! 🙂

  87. I love the idea of buying cute tshirts for charity!

  88. Kel, I have thought for a while, that you should join etsy or something 🙂 I think a little boutique would be a great addition, and a way to make a little $ for your pretty hand made items! What would the tee shirt be? Could it be for Rory? Sounds like two good ideas!

    Keep up the great work 🙂 Miss you.

  89. This is a no brainer. I don’t even know you and the answer is a hearty yes and yes. Your work is beautiful as are your ideas and beliefs.

  90. Definitely on the online boutique. I would love to give some of the things you have made as gifts.

    Not sure about the tee-shirt. I would rather add something to the boutique purchase for charity.

  91. You betcha!! I love the idea of an africankelli online boutique 🙂

  92. I’ve been waiting for this day!! Of course I would whole-heartedly support both options. I pulled out the purse you made me yesterday to use for a few weeks while it’s still acceptable seasonably … can’t wait ’til I can purchase additional African Kelli items!

  93. Absolutely 100 percent Yes!

  94. I am definitely interested in the boutique!

  95. Yes and yes!

    You’re very talented and I’m sure your handmade bags and such a very well made and original.

  96. Heck yeah!!!! and I’d probably buy two tshirts:)

  97. knittingrunner August 13, 2009

    The boutique sounds good, I like to support others rather than big box stores. I probably wouldn’t buy t-shirts I have too many race shirts already.

  98. Like you needed to ask?!?!?!?! Of course!!!

  99. Sounds like a good plan, your own little IGA.

  100. 1. Yes.
    2. Yes, but I’d need to know the charity before buying said t-shirt.

  101. absolutely!!! That’s what I’m doing! It’s called Shop for a Cause. Check it out!http://www.three-peas.com/2009/08/shop-for-cause.html

    I love all your creations. I would definitely buy something from you!

  102. Yes yes yes!!!!

  103. oh, most definitely! i’ve always been a stalker of your work – and to have it help causes too! win-win my friend! thanks!!

  104. Abigail Fiattarone August 17, 2009

    Absolutely! This is a lovely site, BTW.