A Spoiled Quilter’s Kid

My mom sent me a lovely lap quilt for my birthday. She spoils me with these beautiful creations. I have a hope chest full of quilts of all sizes and colors. I can’t wait to have a home one day (full of wee ones) to really show off her artistry.

New quilt from my mama

Yep, not going to lie. I sat down and cried my eyes out when I opened this. It is hard to receive such a sentimental and thoughtful gift and not be able to hug the person who gave it to you. I truly miss my family.

CU of quilt

Have you seen Jan’s quilts? I think if she and my mom ever met, they’d be thick as thieves. Her work is so pretty too. I simply don’t have the patience for this type of art. I think it really takes a special person to piece together fabric with such precision. It makes me respect the Gee’s Bend ladies and women everywhere who’ve taken on this practical art form as a way of expressing their creativity.

Living room with quilt

The yellow in the quilt matches my living room perfectly. Thank you again Mama!


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  1. Kelli, I’ve never met you but I can’t help but love you. I’m sure your mama is so proud of this kind, generous, thoughtful, go-getter of a girl she raised and making gifts like that for you means as much to her as receiving them means to you. That is one awesome quilt!!

  2. It looks gorgeous!!!

    You know your Mom sent you that so you’d think of her every time you use it!!!!!!

  3. oh i know what you mean! i have a collection of the most beautiful quilts given as gifts from my mother and grandmothers that i absolutely treasure! and your new quilt is gorgeous – wow!

    cheers to a world where families aren’t ever separated by more than a few minutes!

  4. That is a stunning quilt! I love the colors and the design. I definitely know what mean about them being treasured gifts. My mother made me and Bruce one for our wedding present and it’s one of my/our prized possessions!

  5. Lovely! Gotta love the moms – there’s no one like them! 🙂 And I’m loving the photo of the day apron too! Beautiful!! One day I’ll get around to learning to sew. One day…..

  6. What a wonderfully talented mother you have! I couldnt think of a better gift. I blogged a few of my quilts yesterday, something must be in the air. Fall I guess.

  7. I’m sorry you miss your family. I lived 4 years away from my parents and that was 6000 miles away. It was really hard on me. Your mother’s quilt is so beautiful. What a treasure.

  8. Happy Birthday, Kelli! What a wonderful gift from your Mom. It’s always fun to make quilts for family members who appreciate them.
    Thanks for the kind mention. I’m sure your Mom and I would have lots in common…quilts and lovely, appreciative daughters, to start.

  9. oh what a wonderful mother you have spoiling you that way. my mom crochets and she made a lovely afhgan for me a few years ago. i use it constanty but recently discovered one of my dogs chewd a small hole in it! argh!

  10. argh! I missed your birthday Kelli! Hope yuo had a great day. And looks like you got your crafty gene from your mama, that’s a lovely quilt. Such vibrant colours!

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