A Step Back from Stepford

hooray for frozen beer

I’d be remiss if I let this whole Spitzer thing pass without throwing in my two cents. And those two cents would be spent as follows:
1. Dragging his wife from the podium where she keeps “standing behind her man” into reality to remind her that hey! Silda! You were a very successful attorney before you married this clown and had three kids with him. (All daughters, naturally.) He just spent $80,000 on a 105-pound hooker. When was the last time you spent $80,000 on yourself? Now is the time honey. Now is the time. (And I’m not just talking lawyer fees. We’ll let him cover those. Mkay?)

2. Seriously? Hookers? Eliot, didn’t you get the memo? A quarter of American girls have an STD. And if you think your waspy wanker is protected because these girls you are paying to spend time with are “high end,” you’d be wrong. Oh, and by the way, thanks again for your excellent leadership. You, my friend, are an immoral moron. A pox on your house. Oh wait…

Yes, PapPap and Grandma, I did just use the term “waspy wanker.” No, please don’t call me about it. I have my days too and this latest political scandal has me rather annoyed. It may be because once upon a time I dated a man who worked in government and had his eye on bigger politics (there by putting me in the role as that glassy-eyed doe with a Stepford zip code). Really though, I just think it’s the fact that some how this keeps happening and the women, the dedicated wives, keep looking like the idiots. Is power corrupting? Or are these fools immoral before they get into office?


genius freezing plan

P.S. I froze beer. No idea if this ruins the yeast, but I’m hoping it works for future loaves of no knead bread. Now I don’t have to run out and buy a 40 in a ghetto koozie every time I want to bake bread.

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  1. I’m right with you on the ‘wives standing next to their husbands’ while they profess their sorrow for their sins. That’s crap! The one and only thing they are sorry about is that they got caught. I always figure that part of the ‘pre-divorce negotiations’ is that the wife stand by her husband for the cameras pretending that all is forgiven. The first thing I would be doing was heading to the Gyny for a check up to see what he brought home to our bed. Yuk!

  2. The woman he hired is 22 years old. Young enough to easily be his daughter. Of the myriad of things I don’t get here, chief among them is how he looks his daughters in the eyes from here on out. Um, yeah, I think of women as objects for rent or purchase. Uh, except you guys, you’re my daughters, you’re *people*.

    He broke his vows with his wife, but who knows really *what* their situation was? Maybe they had an agreement or understanding about extra-marital involvement. That’s really between the two of them. If they didn’t have such an agreement, of course he’s a douche-bag.

    But hiring a prostitute? I just don’t get that. What the *hell* message does that send to his daughters?


  3. My sentiments almost exactly, Kelli! Except, much to my Jewish dismay, he’s not a “waspy” wanker but a “Hebrew hack!” So much for him being (as his poor mother called him) a “nice Jewish boy.” Oy. And wouldn’t it have been AWESOME if, during the press conference, Silda stepped forward and bitch-slapped him for her and her daughters. Ugh. I feel so so bad for those girls. As if being a teenager wasn’t hard enough.

  4. I can’t condemn the wives of unfaithful politicians outright because they are living up to the vow they made, even though their husband violated his vow. That is honorable. I don’t think they should be forced to, and I certainly believe they can change their mind at any time and walk off the podium and out of the marriage, but I think it is the mature choice to attempt to make their marriage work again after that disclosure of infidelity.

  5. I too was shocked by the NYT article, here in DC, sadly, the numbers are even higher.

    Spitzer, schwitzer, I’ve over it already. Really is his “wanker-ing” behavior more important than the Americans and Iraqis (military and civilians) killed in the war in the past two days?

  6. I don’t understand the “stand by your man” thing either. When TH and I were discussing marriage, I told him that the one thing I would never negotiate on was adultery. You cheat, you’re out. Period. Once the trust is broken, it’s over for me. That said, who knows what arrangement they had for their marriage. One thing I have learned was that people will do all kinds of things for what they want, whether that is power, money, fame, family, etc. Sad.

  7. I have to admit, I can’t really get excited about the whole Spitzer thing, and was mildly surprised that he resigned. It is hard to know what goes on within a marriage and judge it. Even from that article alone it appears the couple has some kind of balance of power.

    But who can say. Although part of me completely agrees with everything jt said – esp. re the message sent to the daughters – I also have to question whether hiring someone for an activity is actually worse than an extracurricular *emotional* entanglement.

    And anyway, somebody needed to clean up Wall Street, and I’m grateful to him for what he did there. http://www.slate.com/id/2108509/ As far as *I’m* affected, he’s netted out positive. I wouldn’t marry him, but I liked him as a prosecutor.

  8. It¬¥s always a shock to me, that men who are so well educated and strong in certain fields, can be so weak when it comes to sex. My experience is – once unfaithful, always unfaithful and there¬¥s no turning back after that vow is broken. For me, that doesn¬¥t fall under “bad times” because all you¬¥re doing is making life harder for yourself by standing behind a man who is willing to put his family life and marraige at risk. As for the money thing, it probably wasn¬¥t a problem on politician¬¥s wages but I know how it feels to be kept short by a husband who has money to take out and pay for other women. It¬¥s hard enough to put all that crap behind you, the last thing you need is waking up every morning next to the guy who let it happen.

  9. As a New Yorker, I am terribly downtrodden about Spitzer, his scandal and his resignation. He may have had a tough first year in office, but still enjoyed incredible popularity and even more incredible promise. I was so eager to see him translate his honorable campaign promises into action, but if you know Spitzer’s style and if you know Albany’s politics… not much could have been expected to happen in the first year. He sure as shit wasn’t perfect, but he had potential to be a really good governor with a lasting legacy… a legacy that didn’t include 22-year-old prostitutes.

    As far as the stand by your man thing, I don’t think any of us can begin to understand someone else’s marriage or the dynamics in it. The former wife of the former governor of NJ McGreevey wrote a great article on MSN about her own reasons for standing by her man in the wake of that sex scandal. We in NY know that Silda is anything but a glassy-eyed doe, but it did break my heart to see her stand there with him.

  10. This whole Spitzer thing has got me pretty upset, to put it mildly. Such a disappointment, and I am so tired of sex trumping all other news. If people could keep their pants on, maybe we could focus on more productive things.

  11. That is a tough situation for the wife. There are marriages that have lasted through infidelity and maybe she thinks hers will too. It’s worse with kids. What’s the example she’s setting. On the one hand standing by their Dad shows the girls that even if they screw up in a major way, they will still have the support of their Mom. On the other hand it could let the girls think that it’s ok to stay with an asshole.
    Personally, I wouldn’t have time to go to the press conference because I would be at my lawyer’s office and home having the locks changed, but everyone has to make their own path.

  12. I love that term “waspy wanker,” such a perfect description. The whole situation is disgusting and, obviously, this isn’t the first example of the arrogance and corruption of power running rampant amidst our so-called leaders. It’s very hard to summon up any sense of respect for those we’re supposed to entrust with running our country. As you pointed out, there are so many things wrong with this whole thing, sexually-transmitted diseases, a disrepect of women in general, and an erroneous sense of entitlement that seems to serve as their justification for poor behavior. I no longer believe in the sanctity of leaders as good examples as there doesn’t seem to be any such thing in reality.

  13. Infidelity is paramount. I think we need to raise the bar on what’s moral and acceptable. (And, us women have the power. Men get away with it, because women put up with it! It’s a shame.)

    Oooh, I wonder if beer cubes will work. Smart!

  14. I’m in CA and have access to high speed internet. Your blog is much better now that I can actually look at the photos! 🙂 Am enjoying!

  15. Of course at our house, everytime the story comes on NPR my sweet 4 year old boy shouts, “they said my name on the radio!” Unfortunately, my dear, yes.

    Slimebag. Wanker is right!

    And how were your beer cubes? I tried it with red wine but b/c of the alcohol content it didn’t freeze hard enough and I ended up with a merlot mess in my freezer.

  16. I found your website a while back, I was looking for a recipe and was directed to your site via search engine.
    (I dont remember what the recipe was now, but I’m sure it was delicious!)
    I keep hearing about the prostitute and how people are feeling sorry for her. “Poor girl, poor poor girl… she did it for the money..blah blah blah” She’s still making money and the media keeps making her seem like the victim.

    The only ones I feel sorry for are his wife and his daughters.

  17. Freezing is not really good for yeast and will kill most of it, some of the yeast can survive freezing, however. Ice crystals may break the cell walls of the yeast (yeast frost bite) so don’t expect the frozen yeast to be as effective as it’s unfrozen counterpart.

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