A Step Back from Stepford

hooray for frozen beer

I’d be remiss if I let this whole Spitzer thing pass without throwing in my two cents. And those two cents would be spent as follows:
1. Dragging his wife from the podium where she keeps “standing behind her man” into reality to remind her that hey! Silda! You were a very successful attorney before you married this clown and had three kids with him. (All daughters, naturally.) He just spent $80,000 on a 105-pound hooker. When was the last time you spent $80,000 on yourself? Now is the time honey. Now is the time. (And I’m not just talking lawyer fees. We’ll let him cover those. Mkay?)

2. Seriously? Hookers? Eliot, didn’t you get the memo? A quarter of American girls have an STD. And if you think your waspy wanker is protected because these girls you are paying to spend time with are “high end,” you’d be wrong. Oh, and by the way, thanks again for your excellent leadership. You, my friend, are an immoral moron. A pox on your house. Oh wait…

Yes, PapPap and Grandma, I did just use the term “waspy wanker.” No, please don’t call me about it. I have my days too and this latest political scandal has me rather annoyed. It may be because once upon a time I dated a man who worked in government and had his eye on bigger politics (there by putting me in the role as that glassy-eyed doe with a Stepford zip code). Really though, I just think it’s the fact that some how this keeps happening and the women, the dedicated wives, keep looking like the idiots. Is power corrupting? Or are these fools immoral before they get into office?


genius freezing plan

P.S. I froze beer. No idea if this ruins the yeast, but I’m hoping it works for future loaves of no knead bread. Now I don’t have to run out and buy a 40 in a ghetto koozie every time I want to bake bread.