A Storm is Brewing

March 28th

Zimbabwe has been falling apart by the seams for years thanks to the wicked, cruel leadership of Robert Mugabe. The country once well known for its fertile earth, beautiful people and Victoria Falls has become the poster child for what is wrong in Africa.
The government is corrupt. People are starving to death — bitter irony for the breadbasket of Africa. Dissenting voices are beaten and kidnapped. AIDS, poverty and violence are so common that Zimbabweans struggle to remember a life before these three ugly neighbors set up camp.

Thankfully, it seems this bitter storm of destruction is finally getting the attention it has long deserved. Mr. Mugabe, I hope you are saying your prayers and counting your days. I have a great feeling your dictatorship is finally coming to a grinding halt.

Zimbabweans — hold tight. Help your neighbors. Take refuge. Be hopeful. The world is praying for you and hoping peace returns swiftly to your sweet country.


P.S. South Africa? Buck up. Your neighbors need you. Stop playing politics and get in there and help these people. I don’t care if Mugabe helped end apartheid. He’s the Hitler of Africa and you are playing Switzerland annoyingly well.

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  1. 🙁 This makes me so sad and angry at the same time.

  2. always such an inspired take on African politics that i always admire. thanks for keeping us informed with your passion kelli!

  3. I was listening to the story on NPR this morning – 1700% inflation and 80% unemployment? Insane! I’m praying right along with you.

  4. I too hope Mugabes’ days are short lived, the shorter the better. I fear though that he will find a way to survive, he has all that foreign aid money stashed somewhere doesn’t he?…ciao

  5. Hello,

    Just to let you know I recieved a follow up letter from Sen. Barbra Boxner (CA) about the US aid to Africa. It was just a form letter in response to the email I sent a while back, but she says that she is paying attention to these issues.

  6. Girl from Mozambique March 28, 2007

    What do you think South Africa is going to do to help?

  7. Makes me grateful for the life I have, and that I have the freedom to choose where I live. My prayers are there.

  8. I will pray for the end of this cruelty, and all the cruelties that are killing so many people in Africa and around the world. But I guess prayers alone won’t do, better do something, each one of us in our own little way.

  9. Amen, girl. This whole business of quiet diplomacy has GOT to go. I don’t think the answer lies in violence or invasion, but South Africa could put some serious sanctions and outspoken pressure on Zim’s government to help a change come about.

    Same thing with all the other SADC countries – it just happens that RSA is the powerhouse and therefore the one likely most positioned to help bring about change.

    There is a rumor going about that Angola has sent militia forces to help Mugabe…I was reading an interesting article on Zimbabwe by a Zimbabwean that said at this point, while the whole Angola thing rationally seems like it’s a lie, they are reluctant to believe anything the SADC governments say because there have already been so many lies and non-actions.

    I hope he’s out by the end of the year, if not earlier.

  10. I talked to my dad today and he is worried. He’s staying indoors for the next week. Apparently the news is that everything is due to happen over Easter? I really worry about them. I guess I should write something on my blog about this, seeing as I am Zimbabwean. I just haven’t had the heart to do so.

  11. WOW! Thanks for the information!!

  12. I spent some time in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Nigeria in the early 90´s and I will never forget the lovely and friendly welcome we had from the Zimbabwe locals and one truck driver who drove us all the way from Bulawayo to the Victoria Falls. I have fond memories of this beautiful country and am saddened by the troubles there.

  13. thank you for calling attention to this, kelli… i knew about these goings-on in the most peripheral way (‘oh, aren’t things bad there?’) and your post has prompted me to do more reading. your passion is incredibly inspiring.

  14. It is when people sit back and say nothing or teeter around the issues at hand that things go bad. I hope for the sake of innocent chldren Sout Sfrica gets their head out of their rear and speaks up loud and clear. What good is laying claim to having helped end apartheid if in your own country your cruel regime oppresses the very people you helped free in a neighboring country???? I would say that is hypocrisy at it’s finest.

  15. such horror that goes on in life. terrible how people are supressed and treated.

  16. Girl from Mozambique March 29, 2007