A Taste of Nicaraguan Life

I took more than 500 photos on this trip to Nicaragua. A few of my favorites:

Sagrado Corazon Church, Granada

Sagrado Corazon Cathedral, Granada, Nicaragua

pretty curls,  Jinotega

A beautiful girl named Danya.

Nicaraguan kitchen

A typical Nicaraguan kitchen.

Granada life

A vendor in Granada.

Gasiosas, Granada

Sweet treats.

Corn hung for drying, Datanli Diablo Reserve

Drying corn.

Grinding corn, Datanli Diablo Reserve

Grinding corn for tortillas.

Typical Nicaraguan House, with girl grinding fresh coffee beans, Datanli Diablo Reserve

A typical Nica house, with one of the daughters grinding coffee.

Grinding fresh coffee beans, Datanli Diablo Reserve

Roasted beans being ground.

Playing on the ground2, Datanli Diablo Reserve

Her younger sisters, playing in front of the house.

Gravetop flowers, Cemetary, Jinotega

Fresh flowers on a grave in Jinotega’s cemetery.

view from Water project

The view of Lake Apanas from our water project work site.

mural,  Jinotega

A mural at the women’s health center in Jinotega.

new baby girl, Jinotega Hospital

A healthy baby girl, just born at the Jinotega Hospital.

Hotel doorway, Granada

Doorway, Granada, Nicaragua.

leaves, datanli diablo reserve

Leaves under the dark rainforest canopy in the Datanli Diablo Reserve.

Children of the water post

Children of the water project community. They’ll hopefully go to school now, rather than be responsible for hauling water from the river — thanks to a new water well system we helped install.

Cathedral2, Granada

Another beautiful cathedral in Granada.

Cappucino, Granada

Cappucino in the humid heat.

Candy vendor3,  Jinotega

A sweet smile from a candy vendor.

Kelli and Roberto,  Jinotega

Roberto, one of the many beautiful children I fell in love with on this trip.

Thank you for all of your well wishes on this journey. It was good for my soul to get away for a bit and be reminded of why I love my job.


11 Replies to “A Taste of Nicaraguan Life”

  1. Lovely photos! The kids are so cute, and those buildings are so pretty. The kitchen makes me sad, but at the very least they now have water. It’s a wonderful project, water is something we take for granted here far too often.

    Glad that you were safe! šŸ™‚

  2. MMMM! Coke Light! My favorite!!
    And as always, your pictures are gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing šŸ™‚

  3. Wow, Kelli, this is spectacular. Your photography skills are excellent – and such beautiful subject matter. I especially love the photo of the newborn baby. Those hairy arms remind me of my baby pictures! šŸ™‚ It is so wonderful that people like you exist to make such an impact on those all around the world. Sure makes me think twice before griping about living in a “tiny” 600 sq ft apartment with running water, a functioning kitchen, etc!!! Thank you for reminding me that I have amenities lots of people have never seen. And Nicaragua looks like a beautiful soulful place.

  4. Donk — the photo of those kids is so compelling — and of course, the rest of the photos are amazing, too. For some reason I really want a Fanta all of a sudden šŸ˜‰ The people of Nicaragua are lucky to have you.

  5. loved all the pix. I especially love the new baby girl with the dark hair on her arms. I have never seen that before! (I have almost all blondies.)

    glad you’re home.

  6. keep the photo’s coming, I do hope those children get to go to school. Imagine carrying your bag on your head, what an incredible community of people.

  7. Very nice pics you took! I love those children’s faces. They sem so peaceful and lovely having almost nothing. Our children most of the time are unsatisfied having almost everything. This speaks loud, isn’it?

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