A Taste of the Cresent City

July 8th

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  1. Great pics!!!

  2. Can you tell me something about those glorious trees?

  3. Love the pictures, Kelli! New Orleans is a wonderful city full of spirited adventure in any number of ways.

  4. Awesome pictures.

  5. Cool pictures.

    I’d love to visit New Orleans one day.

    I’m especially intrigued by the French quarters.

    It is so sad what has happened to this beautiful place and more importantly to its people.

    It’s obvious that their spirits have not been destroyed. It’s remarkable what the human spirit can endure and become stronger.

    Thank God that there are people like you who are bringing them the help that they so desperately need. The question is : What is taking so long????

  6. You keep surprising me! Bravo Kelli, nice way to spend your free time, really doing something and giving a deep meaning to such a celebration day.

  7. KELLI! You were as close as New Orleans and didn’t let me know (I’m only about 45 minutes away)???? I guess it wouldn’t have mattered because I was out of town ;-(
    New Orleans is one of my favorite places in the world.

  8. great photos! i especially love that they need help at the voodo shop… wonder what qualifications one must have to work there? 😉

    looks like you had a nice trip, as well as being able to do some good too!

  9. Love the photos and another inspirational story! You do gooder, you….but seriously, I read your blog because it reminds me that I’m not the only one who is inspired to help others.
    I hope to visit the Big Easy some day…and at least contribute financially to their ongoing revival…

  10. very interesting signs.