A touch of home

Etsy find

My friend Jen found this watercolor on etsy and sent me the link. I’ve had a soft spot for quail for a while — but more so now that I am away from the desert. They are a little piece of home I miss and adore.

Etsy find

I cannot believe how reasonable JooJoo’s work is. I wouldn’t guess she knows how very, very good she is. I am so terribly fond of this one, and this one, and this one.

But there are only so many walls to decorate. Plus, I need to get this other etsy find in a frame and up in the kitchen.

Etsy find

Creating a home that reflects my values — handmade, folk art, big garden, fluffy dog — has me very cheery.


6 Replies to “A touch of home”

  1. I saw a quail just this afternoon! We live by the river so we have a lot of them running around.

    I really like the mermaid and baby print! My internet is acting up so I can’t see them all, I’ll have to go back and look again later.

  2. That quail’s beautiful. I went to her site and she’s got some wonderful work. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Her art is amazing! I’m obsessed with the cactus garden print, wow. So beautiful. We might have to grab one!

    P.S. Fun story: one time, in one of my tattoo phases, I told Ryan I thought it would be really special to get a tattoo of a quail and its family to represent my love for my family, the families that pay my bills, and Arizona. He’s still laughing at me. 🙁

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