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August 21st




For Rosie

Rosie had a stupid thing happen — her purse was stolen this summer when she was on vacation. We met  in Denver soon after the incident. When she lamented her new handbag had just arrived before she’d taken it on vacation, I knew good karma must soon be returned. She’s a sweet woman with a witty, spicy blog and it would be easy enough to send a little love her way.  Voila.

Is it the fancy handbag she’d carefully ordered? Nope. But it is made with her in mind and that’s something no sweatshop can say.

As for that contest earlier this week? The three winners, randomly selected, are: Trish, AmiS and Holly. Email me your addresses and I’ll get your baby bags in the mail!


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12 Responses

  1. Cute cute! Rad fabric, Kelli! Your sewing machine must never cool down, Sister! 🙂

  2. Oh yay! Fun bag. ALL of your bags are great!

  3. jess mauzy August 21, 2009

    That’s so awesome, Kelli! Rosie will be tickled, I am sure. And it’s such a fun bag! Now, when she and I get together in either CO or VA, we can sport our styley AfricanKelli bags. WhoopWhoop!

  4. I am tickled! I just love it. And you 🙂

    (And I didn’t know Jess had an AfricanKelli bag, too! Did you know she is my bff from, like, 25 years ago?!)

    • jess mauzy August 21, 2009

      Rosalicious- I am the very luck recipient of the Moth bag, recently featured on Africankelli.com! But I’m letting mom give it to me for my birthday:)

  5. I know she’ll love it! Plus it kinda matches her fantastic hair! Such great workmanship.

  6. AmyinOR August 21, 2009

    That fabric is beautiful and I like the bag thick strap. You should make another and put it in your boutique…

  7. Love the colors, Kelli….very bright and fun!! Waiting on your t-shirts..how are they coming?

  8. Love the bag and the fabric is gorgeous. Can you tell me where you get the personalized name tags? I’m looking for some, but can’t find anyone around here who can make me a bunch. thanks! mim

  9. Nicely and thoughtfully done, as always.

  10. I want one! How much?

  11. It’s such a shame that someone stole her purse, but a blessing was gifted her when you made her this gorgeous bag. I love it, Kelli! And bless your heart for your gift to her.