August 16th

Little feet

Little feet

Reasons it is awesome to have a 4-year-old roommate:

1. No sneaky bathroom behavior. When she has to poop, you know. “DADDY! I am going POOOOOOOOP now!”

2. When she doesn’t like your cooking, there is no unnecessary filter. “This is disgusting. DISGUSTING, Kelli.”

3. She lovingly refers to WNM as “Nelsie.”

4. She cuddles me, even when I am watching foreign movies and she can neither understand the spoken language, nor read the captions. No matter, she understands more than you would guess.

5. She introduced me to “Pitch Perfect.” Acabelievable.

6. She calls my beau “Harry Potter” because he once spoke to her in a British accent and wears glasses. With wide eyes, she looked at him and said, “YOU ARE HARRY POTTER!” Priceless.

7. When she gets the remote, she flips through channels until she finds something that looks interesting. But before really giving it any time, will make sure to ask an adult, “Is this appropriate?” Nine times out of ten, it is a housewife show. And she has a devilish, maybe-they-will-say-yes-this-time smirk.


8. And those toes. I mean, are you kidding me? She is pretty much the most perfect kid ever. (Never mind I say that about nearly all of my friends’ kids.)

I’ll miss you kid.

-Auntie Kelli

(your favorite aunt. Never mind the bio aunts. Or the others.)

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7 Responses

  1. Aca-scuse me! Love this post and love, love, love Pitch Perfect!


  2. That kid sounds aca-awesome. (Isn’t that movie hilarious???)

  3. #2 and #6 – bwa ha ha!! And she had me at those lemony toes and “Nelsie.”

  4. So cute! Love pitch perfect, makes me crack up every time I watch it.

  5. What a sweetpea! Nelsie = <3 🙂

  6. Finally had time to catch up with you….and all the news….

  7. And fab shoes… to bad their not in your size! Hello sparkles!