September 5th

Reminds me of  a starfish

There are people who walk into your life, make you drop everything your doing and take notice. They make you stand up a little straighter, tuck in your gut, chew with your mouth closed and just want to be better. Junie Moon is one of those peeps for me. She is an incredible friend, talented, creative, generous and a woman I admire a thousand ways. Today is her last day of blogging and she is going out with a splash of grace that only a Tucson Mermaid could. If you get a chance, drop by today and wish her well!


There has been a considerable lack of crafting and cooking going on at my house the last week or so. (For example, I didn’t make the journal in yesterday’s entry. It was a thoughtful gift from Tuesday. I will, however, be selecting the 10 lucky winners this weekend and getting on those vision journals. Thanks for your sweet and thoughtful comments!) Instead I’ve been riding my bike, fighting allergies and entertaining house guests who are currently living in my art studio. So, next week — more creativity. This week, more time with Ms. Olive and my new best friend Zyrtek.

This weekend’s dance card is full. I’m taking a veggie gardening class at the farmer’s market, going on a long bike ride downtown, seeing movies with friends, hitting the Weston show and hopefully finding time to do a wee bit of sneaky prickly pear harvesting in the neighborhood. I can just imagine myself getting caught with a bucket of prickly pear tunas and trying to talk myself out of trouble. Ha!

I’ll be back with photos soon. Hope your weekend is peaceful, relaxing and just what you need.


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11 Responses

  1. Happy crafting … I’ll be away for 10 days (and not blogging) in Mendocino!

  2. Have a wonderful, full-of-wonder, weekend!

  3. Ah, come spring Zyrtec is my bestest friend. 🙂

    So you learn how to grow your own vegetables in a garden in this class? That sounds awesome! I would think it would be hard to have a garden in Arizona because the soil is clay, isn’t it? That’s how it is in my area.

  4. Have a fabulous weekend! ~D

  5. Happy weekend..Don’t get caught with those prickly pears!

  6. Have a wonderful weekend, full of prickly pears, good friends, and fun!

  7. I think that you are one of those admirable people. Some one who makes the world brighter just by being…

  8. Have a great weekend with Olive, prickly pears, friends, movies, dirt, vegetables, yourself and all the small things around you!

  9. You’ve touched my heart with your sweet words, Kelli. Thank you. I feel the same way about you and am so blessed that you are my friend.

    I love all the activities you are doing, ranging from your physical endeavors to cooking to knitting to … well, just doing wonderful things in the world. I’m always inspired to work a little harder and be a better person because of you. Have a great weekend, Kelli.

  10. Larissa Stretton September 6, 2008

    Ah, Ms. Kelli….that’d be you!! You make me want to be a better person reading all that you do to make teh world a better place and a wonderful example of the human race at it’s best!!!


  11. Kelli,

    Thank you for the light you bring to the world…and your recipes….and your arts and crafts….and your inspiring words and for making us all think about the world in a happy hippie way!

    Your friend in Blogville and Beyond,
    Teresa a.k.a. Prairie Girl