Adventathon: 19

December 17th


Adventathon: 19

What to knit for a brother who is notoriously difficult to craft for? Hmm… in lieu of a gorgeous blonde, I decided on something that would keep him warm outdoors. (vs. indoors? There is a tasteless joke there somewhere.)

Adventathon: 19

Cody is a Colorado outdoorsman. He’s a hunter, archer, fisherman, snowboarder, skiier, hiker, runner, cyclist and dog-owner. All that time in the cold — at times with weaponry involved — led me to the Helmetliner pattern. It helps that the signature orange “watch out and don’t shoot me!” color is the same as the Denver Broncos — another favorite.

Adventathon: 19

I got the idea from the Balaclava we included in a CRAFT along post a few months ago, minus the tricky and underappreciated-by-my-brother cables. Not perfect, but close enough and I am hoping he’ll love it.

Go Broncos,


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6 Responses

  1. Love it! You have really inspired me to learn how to read a pattern and make some useful things!

  2. Very nice! From looking at that pattern, I was worried your brother would look like a bank robber, but I don’t think we have to worry about that in blaze orange!

  3. Also convenient if your brother decides to join the Denver branch of the Zapatistas.

    I love it. Go Broncos, indeed.

  4. That sounds like a great fit for him!

  5. Nice! You did it!

    I, ahem, have not made one yet. Though I need one myself for the coming ski days.

    Ah, well, maybe over the holidays. When I’m not shoving food into my mouth, an activity that would be impossible while wearing the balaclava anyway, so no need to rush into things.


  6. Yeah for Broncos. But seeing you in this head thingy in AZ makes me want to sweat. Blech. He’ll love it. Perfect for the Raider Hater game.