Adventathon: 20

Holiday Jam!

{I’m throwing in some great tutorials from friends for the next couple of days. These are projects I love and am so lucky to have found these great ladies on the interwebs. They teach me something new each week and make me want to be better daily.}

awesome photo I can’t figure out how to steal HERE

Do you read Zarah? If not, you should. She is fabulous with a capital F. She is the first ever bloggy friend to hop on a plane and come for a visit. We had a great time when she was here earlier this year. Ms. Zarah — who is currently creating a baby boy — is one of the craftiest women I know and by far the best knitter I know. This summer she whipped up some fantastic jam with this recipe.

In email, she writes:

Summer berries are a bit hard to come by right now, so if someone wants to make jam right now, there are lots of good ideas at  Here’s an apple butter recipe that looks pretty easy and is a bit more in season:

For the decorations, I just cut circles out of index cards (the back is plain white) using the jar lid as a guide.  I drew a squiggly line with a green Sharpie, added another line for the trunk, then wrote my greeting.  (If I can draw it, anyone can!)  It took a few tries to end up with a design that didn’t get cut off on the sides once I screwed on the jar lid band, but eventually I got it.  Finish with a pretty bow (I used red yarn because I had it on hand.)

Canning can take a bit of time and involves some specialized equipment, but for anyone who made something this summer and is now looking for a quick and easy way to dress up the jars to give away as gifts… this should work!  I like it because it’s not quite as “country” looking as the traditional fabric-circle topper + ribbon tied around it.

(I have the type of jam and expiration date written on the metal lid underneath in Sharpie, so I didn’t duplicate that on the topper.  But that is good info to include, too!)

There are also tons of free printable jar lid toppers available:  (these are just a few cute ones I found)

Um, see what I mean? FABULOUS.

Jam on, rockstars!