Adventathon: 22

December 20th

Naughty Apron

on the gorge
My love affair with Finny is long since documented. We’ve been great friends for 12+ years, which makes me feel old because we met in college. Gulp. Regardless, Finny is one of those friends who completely and totally gets me. I don’t have to quiet a single side of my crazy when I spend time with her. She loves that I’m crafty (muse), loves that I’m athletic and loves when I drink and swear. Actually, now that I think of it, when we are together we drink and swear a lot. See: Santa Fe, Portland or Yellowstone.

Donk and Fin

The funny thing is, Fin and I are very different people. While our hobbies are in tune, she is way more stylish. She also just gets things. She teaches herself incredibly difficult tasks out of books and then has the patience to teach me (and all of us via her blog). See: her garden, her extensive knitting, her ability to run a half marathon and then have a bacon co-op the same day with neighbors who also give her cherry trees.) She is also very anti-holiday and doesn’t hold back the punches in telling people when they are decorating like idiots.

Good morning Fin!

And considering this is day 22 of my little holiday fest, I suppose I should just be happy she hasn’t reached her hand through the computer and slapped me silly for being so totally, crazy in love with Christmas. I do. I love it. I pretty much love everything about it, even singing carols. (And especially the Clark Griswold-inspired houses!)

Thankfully, she loves me anyway. Our sew-alongs for the last couple of years have provided the needed distraction when things weren’t going right and the needed boost of creativity when I was just being lazy. She is one of my select friends who always, always, always make me want to be a better person. I love me some Finny.

And so — her naughty apron. A tutorial that is funny and quintessentially Fin.


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4 Responses

  1. I met (virtually) Finny through you, Kelli. Both of you are amazing individuals in your own rights, and it’s been a pleasure joining the two of you on the sew-along projects for the last few years. It’s fun to read this post celebrating your friendship.

  2. Love this post, Kelli. I adore both you and Finny-who, like Junie Moon, I was introduced to through your amazing blog. You don’t know how much your posts have inspired me and how many times your fab ideas have gotten me out of a funk and into being creative and crafty. What a great celebration of friendship this post is–thank you and dear Finny for everything! Hugs…

  3. Aren’t friends there for this? Make us better? WANTING to be better? This mission is accomplished in your friendship, very good for both of you.

  4. Oh my word we’ve been friends for 12 years – aka since college. Aka since forever.


    And, hey, you’ve not thrown me from a moving vehicle yet. Such a forgiving soul you are.

    Thankfully you forgive me my sailor’s mouth and I forgive you your Christmas nuttery. We all have our indulgences, friend, and I wouldn’t have you any other way.

    Now go make a naughty apron you naughty thing, you.