Adventathon: 9

December 7th


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Yeah, these photos are terrible, but it is what you get with a Blackberry camera from 25 yards away. That is Barbara Kingsolver, one of my very favorite authors. I know, I know — I’ve already shared how much I enjoyed hearing her speak last month. How does this have anything to do with advent?

Adventathon, day 9

Well, I’d be remiss to put together a list of thoughtful ways to celebrate Christmas without including books. As a reader, nothing thrills me more than having a friend hand me a book and say, “This. This is a story you’ll love.” In truth, I’ll read just about anything with that introduction. “The Lacuna” is one of my favorite books of 2009. It is so very good. But there are many others! Here are my suggestions for a holiday shopping list:

Adventathon, day 9

For the adventurer/traveler/person who loves politics:  “Whispering in the Giant’s Ear”

Runner up: “The Monkey Wrench Gang”

For the chef: “The Art of Simple Food” (best cookbook ever, in my opinion)

Runner up: “A Platter of Figs”

For the children in your life: “14 Cows for America”

Runner up: “I love you Stinky Face”

For anyone — thoughtful, interesting, entertaining reads:

“Unaccustomed Earth”

“Left to Tell”

“The Syringa Tree”

And books about nature I just think are wonderful:

“Trout: An Illustrated History”

“Bear Portraits”

“Monkey Portraits”


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6 Responses

  1. Thanks for the list. I love your lists. It’s how I found many of the books I now love.

  2. PS — I Love You Stinky Face is one of my very favorite books. Being a mother of boys is to be a mother of dirt that stinks… and moves around a lot.

  3. Thank you – I am also a huge fan of your book lists! I really want to read Lacuna. As soon as I heard the plot, I thought: That book was written just for Kelli!

  4. Thank you for your mention of “Whispering in the Giant’s Ear”. The situation in Bolivia seem to parallel the plight of the indigenous peoples of Mexico and perhaps the struggles of the heroic Emiliano Zapata and his followers with whom I still tend a gaping wound in my heart.

  5. I just checked out her book, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. I haven’t started it yet, any thoughts from anyone?