Autumnal Walk with Nelson  Friends! You are my friend, right? I mean, everyone is my friend — especially if you let me sniff your butt first. Even Chaco is my friend and he took a bite out of my ear last week, wearing a short-bus cone. Friend! Let’s go to the park. I LOVE the park, almost as much as I love bacon and meatloaf. The park is so fun! I don’t know if you’ve heard of this place, but it is this huge space with ducks and geese and poop everywhere to sniff!

And let’s get real. This adorable pom pom tail? It wasn’t meant for just the backyard. No, this cuteness belongs in public.

Autumnal Walk with Nelson

Tall Lady won’t let me swim. I try. Every time we go to the park, I pull her toward the edge to look for giant geese and ducks — swimming snacks. How I want to just human paddle my way out there for a couple laps. Apparently the mucky water is off limits. Whatever. I like my fowl foul. 

Autumnal Walk with Nelson

The summer is gone and everything is a gorgeous golden. Of course, that’s what “I hear.” According to Tall Lady’s people, I can only see in black and white. Who makes this stuff up? How do they know what colors I can see? Maybe I’m an aesthetic kinda guy who can appreciate the hues of a changing season? The jeweled tones of falling leaves. The darker indigo of a chilly night air. The delicious orange pumpkins I’m going to yank off the neighbor’s porch at first opportunity.

Autumnal Walk with Nelson

Dirt. I love dirt. Isn’t dirt perfect? I love to roll around in it, run through it, create little storms of it behind me, track it in the house and have it on my paws at all time. The only thing better than dirt is its cousin mud.

Autumnal Walk with Nelson

Leaves are so fun to chase as they fall from the sky. Take that squirrels! Your trees are balding, making you that much easier to hunt. Even your home doesn’t love you. My home never sheds. Why? Because my home appreciates me. I bring it dirt. And sometimes even your refugee leaves.

Autumnal Walk with Nelson

This stuff is called yarrow. It was red earlier this summer — not that I’d know as a “color blind dog.” Ahem. It’s really nice, but you have to watch out for the bees. Those little things are like chihuahuas. Their size is totally deceptive.

Autumnal Walk with Nelson

Wait. Hold the leash! Those people did not ask if they could come to my park. Don’t they know this is my park? Mmm…. park.


Scratch my belly?






3 Replies to “Aesthetic”

  1. Awww Nelson…I’m sorry your mama won’t let you swim in the lake. Come and visit and you can swim in the lake near my house. We have lots of ducks for you to chase with your cousin Kilima. Who can’t wait to meet you.

  2. Dear Nelson –
    You need to visit me in Northern CA. I have an amazing lake nearby with lots of birds, and FISH, for you to catch. Tall Lady and I can take you for a nice hike, swim, sniff, and chase. You can stay at my house and make friends with my cat. Won’t that be fun?

  3. Nelson,
    I love your little windows into your life! Thanks for showing me your park and your foul fowl. Have fun in the dirt (although not too much fun…for Tall Lady’s sake since she has to keep you clean) and enjoy the fall 🙂

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