Against their better judgment…

July 18th

Some friends asked me to house-sit for them this week. They have two dogs on the opposite ends of the life spectrum. Mary Lu is a 15-year-old golden lab who is blind and deaf. She is sweet and very slow moving.

Mary Lu headshot

Esther, on the other hand, is the embodiment of an Apache Junction crystal meth user who’s just had a Sonic 44-ounce limeade for breakfast. On top of her Captain Crunch. The year-old weimaraner literally bounces off the walls. It’s like taking care of a cartoon dog — one that simply never stops moving.

Esther in action

Thankfully she is damn cute. Otherwise the whole “waking me up at 3 am to play thing” would be a lethal mistake.

Esther black and white

I told Shanlee and Tom of my previous dog-sitting adventures. There was the time the Basset hounds got into the homeowner’s bathroom (which I was supposed to keep locked. My bad.) and ate her makeup. What they didn’t eat, they spread all over themselves and the rugs. There is nothing like coming home to two guilty dogs with purple sparkly eye shadow covering their snouts — canine coke feigns.

Then there was the time the lab puppy I was watching got into a Costco-sized container of chocolate-covered espresso beans. That error led to the house being recarpeted and a very expensive vet bill. Thankfully the pooch didn’t die. I nearly did of embarrassment when the owners returned.

Shanlee was amused by my stories, but still wanted me to stay. I happily agreed. Their home is incredible and she gave me free reign of her craft room and wine fridge. (A one-way ticket to my heart.) The woman’s got supplies. Lots and lots of supplies. These paired with a nice white wine and a I was a card-making machine.

the benefit of being a dog sitter

Her workspace has left me very envious. I’m thinking I need a peg board. Imagine the organizational opportunities…

Off to care for the doggies,

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11 Responses

  1. lovely cards!

    i’m surprised you are trusted with animals anymore … just kidding 🙂

  2. I had no idea you were such a petsitting menace! That’s too funny. And the photo of Esther is adorable. Andy will love it. Nice, nice job on the cards — they look so cute!

  3. look at all those cards you cranked out. you did that and played with two dogs? the photos you took are awesome. i love dogs. i’d love to dog sit for someone. usually i’m looking for someone to do it for me. my dogs are at the groomers today getting all beautified. hurray. no more stinky dogs, except for their breath.

    the espresso bean story is RICH.

    one of my professors had a gorgeous black lab called hobbes. somehow hobbes consumed a pair of panty hose, or maybe it was just one leg. hobbes had much difficulty expressing/extruding the pantyhose at the other end, if you know what i mean. this may be graphic. i didn’t witness it but heard all about it. squatting, with hose dangling, the poor dog was distressed, so my prof had to help. he pulled on the pantyhose until it came out. only trouble was the pantyhose’s elasticity. so guess who got smacked with a nasty dog poop and pantyhose cocktail?

  4. Now that is dog sitting with perks included.

  5. The cards are beautiful – along with the wine, craft supplies & work space. Oh how I dream of a (permanent) work space.

    Your dog sitting stories are hilarious. I can just imagine a dog on chocolate covered espresso beans! Ack!

  6. the dog paw print…..i love it.
    i guess the dog cooperated in having the paw put in paint, then paper? what a great idea!!

  7. oops!
    when I first looked at the green on the card, it looked like a paw print….but now it doesn’t.
    Anyway,it’s still a good idea.
    Perhaps the owners of the dog would not be happy if the dog got away with the green paws….prints on the rug or couch….oh oh.

  8. Man, peg board……hmmmm. Very sweet doggies. Lovely pic of the weimaraner, we had one when I was a kid, his name was Carl 🙂

  9. Such a great post! I was laughing hysterically at the bits about Esther. Our pup is half Weimaraner/half lab. She is a crazy beast, but so adorably cute. Esther and her would be a good match! 🙂

    Thank goodness my pups have never gotten into the makeup. That would be so awful! Pens seems to be their treat of choice lately. No fun trying to get blue and black ink out of a rug!

    Take care, Kelli!

  10. I feel your pain. My husband has a
    Germanshort hair. And he is crazy. Like Co-Co puffs.

  11. ohhh! i love both!!! you can see my labrador “Obelix”, with 10 years old on my blog… is so lovely! i adore him, maybe is bacause we birth the same day….


    i spend the week in thje south of Chile working…