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March 10th

Sarah, soaking up the sun

When Sarah arrived Friday night, we were both secretly a bit worried about our bloggy-friend adventure. Have you ever gone to the airport to pick someone up and had to look for an avatar? Yes, well, Friday was a first for me. But I knew somehow that having a friend from the blogosphere come for a weekend of knitting, eating, laying the park, going to church and speaking of faith, talking about books, watching documentaries and maybe a sangria margarita or two would be nothing short of fabulous. Sarah was up for it all, including a Ya Ya dinner party where she fell right into the cackle of our gaggle of girls.ย  We’ve chatted over the years after finding each other’s blogs and knew many of our interests were mutual. She’s a knitting triathlete. How bad could this be?

Two bloggers on a tractor

When I told her Saturday morning our plans for the day included driving to Superstition Farms to visit state “Ag” day, she didn’t wince. Perhaps its her Midwestern manners, as she was a trouper. As a food bank advocate, I wanted to attend the event to show support. The farm hosted anyone who wanted to come learn more about sustainable agriculture, have a cheap $1 lunch, see a petting zoo, ride a horse, etc.ย  It cost $2 a person to attend, or 3 cans of food. The food went to a local food bank and in turn, provided great exposure to hunger issues in the Valley. We were scooped up in the parking lot by a tractor-pull and I knew then the fun was just beginning. While this Missourian girl has way more experience than I do with country life, we were both squealing a bit at the fun of being driven around by a tractor. City girls, meet dairy farm.

Arizona Ag Day

After wandering around a bit, eating too much kettle corn, getting some good information on an upcoming Master Gardener’s course I’m going to take, and running into a group of Burundian refugees (no joke), we headed home. We watched the documentary, “Farmer John and the Real Dirt” which is exceptionally strange and entertaining. If you are interested in community supported agriculture, I’d highly recommend it. Sarah did indeed teach me to knit socks. I’d show you a photo, but my progress is so miniscule at this point you’d need a microscope to see what I’d accomplished. Regardless, she taught me the magic loop technique and I’m certain to have a pair done in the next five years or so. Tedious, tiny stitches, but they will be pretty.


We also raided my garden (for the first time!) to gather goodies to take to the aforementioned dinner party. Cilantro for some cilantro jalapeno hummus and greens for a salad. I am fully aware how silly it is that I’m this happy to be growing a few vegetables, but having a productive garden has been a life goal. So Saturday’s “harvest” was aย  celebrated event.


A dork grows onions

Out in the garden

Greens from the garden

march 8 2009 041

Cilantro Jalapeno Hummus

It was a very content moment when I washed dirt off of these vegetables to prepare them for friends — organic small-scale gardening at its best.

I look forward to Sarah’s return!


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27 Responses

  1. Looks like the two of you had a wonderful weekend!! Congrats on the garden – it all looks yummy.

  2. You look so cute in your garden pics! Sounds like you two hit it off well and had a fabulous (and yet again–productive!) weekend.

  3. I dug the hummus too. I do love spicy!

  4. How cool is that… I mean to actually meet a blog friend in real life.
    And I did enjoy following your harvest in the garden, well here in Denmark not even the grass has started to grow yet, but I look forward to springtime.

    Good luck whith the sock knitting. Here is a link to my first knitted sock ;0)

  5. What a great weekend with two fantastic ladies!! I can’t wait to see your knitted sock as you progress (don’t worry, those teeeny stitches will add up and then you will be addicted, like us!). I love that you are able to eat from your garden already – how wonderful!

  6. rohanknitter March 10, 2009

    Isn’t it fun to finally meet someone IRL that you’ve gotten to know online?? I’ve only been able to do it once but it was great! Looks like a great weekend and congrats on harvesting more goodies!

  7. Looks like so much fun! I love meeting blog buddies. It’s always a cool experience!

  8. I love the meeting of bloggers – that’s so fun! And congrats on your homepicked bounty. That’s the best.

  9. OH what fun! Sounds like a blast.

  10. Isn’t it great to eat produce that you grew? It looks yummy and I can’t wait until it is warm enough for me to get my garden growing.

  11. Wow!! I can see you had a great time. And the food from your garden must have tasted delicious, especially if it was grown with love!!
    Have you published that hummus recipie before? I’d love to make some.

  12. Tina in Duluth March 10, 2009

    What a great weekend! Don’t you love the way your very own fresh produce smells?

    I want to knit socks. I’m in love with wool socks and sock yarn. Maybe I need to make a trip out west for a lesson? I guess I should take up knitting, first, huh?

  13. Wow Kelli, it looks like you guys had great fun! I feel as proud of your veggie-accomplishments as if they were my own (the photos elicited a little squeak of delight and happy dance on this side of the nethersphere)–I bet those were the most delectable greens ever! And the socks! I can’t wait to see the socks! You’ll be sheering sheep and dyeing wool before you know it! LOL. You’re a good Soul, Ms. Kelli. Thanks for making me smile with your adventures! Wishing you continued big grins and bodacious greens! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. WOW! How fun is that?!?! Glad everything went well!!!

  15. I am so jealous! Planning my (new) garden as well… just gotta wait for this snow to melt. I can’t wait to eat food that I grew — like you, I will be so proud!!!

    Also — just uploaded a video from a multi-cultural night I went to last weekend. Thought you’d enjoy the Zimbabwean song ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. What is this master gardening class that you are going to take? I would love to have some more information on it as I too have entered the garding world here in the desert.

  17. I loved reading this recap of our weekend! It did have quite an “aggie” flair to it, didn’t it?

  18. It’s not silly at all to be excited about your garden! It’s fantastic! If you weren’t excited then … well then it would be pointless for you to do it, right?

    When I was 9 years old, we moved to Wisconsin for a year and had a big house out in the country with a gigantic – I’m not kidding, it was huge – plot of property around it. All the way down to the Namekagon River. Anyway, there were two big gardens that needed work but there were plenty of plants thriving. I was giddy with excitement when my mom raided the rhubarb plant to make rhubarb pie – a first for me. Then I ate it and vowed never to eat rhubarb again! That was my first experience with a garden *at all* and, even though I didn’t care for rhubarb, I’ve loved plants ever since. I don’t have a vegetable garden but I keep myself occupied with orchids and other goodies. Before you know it, people will be coming to *you* for gardening info.

    You continue to inspire me and I love it.

    ~also, the pic of you holding up your little onions – I think – looks very similar to Ally Sheedy in her Short Circuit days!!

  19. Sounds like a very fulfilling weekend!

  20. It’s always nice to meet new friends, and to finally meet in person just a name on the web it’s fantastic, I did the same last summer and it was really nice.

  21. Love the man driving the tractor! That photo is a CLASSIC! ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. You have good reason to be a happy hippie of your garden and harvest, it looks so healthy and green. The hummus looks delicious. Yum. And what I would give to be wearing a tank top “outside” just about now but it just would’nt look right with snow to my knees.

  23. The garden bounty looks yummy! I remember picking fresh veggies from my grandmother’s garden – nothing else tastes as good.

    I hope to be another “blog-buddy” who gets to meet you and enjoy your hospitality. I’ll stay in touch about the hubby’s and my Southwest road trip plans. ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Wow! It sounds like you had a great visit. When can I come…..kidding……no really when? Anytime you want to visit cold and snowy…….I mean historical and unique Massachusetts/Cape Cod, you would be more than welcome here. I hope someday our paths cross for real, but for now I will settle for our cyberland visits to each other’s blogs.

    Best Wishes Always!


  25. I love seeing this process..I am jealous of your nice weather. ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Looks like a wonderful meeting and time together; productive as always too. It is so nice being able to hug a long-time online friend. I have had that pleasure quite a few trimes and have made very dear friendships. One of these days girl we shall meet in real time as well. I just loved the shot of you picking vegetables for dinner from your garden.

  27. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who gets super excited when I grow something – watching it from seed to the table is just so cool, it never ceases to amaze me!!