All or Nothing


I’m working on a wedding quilt for Matt + Mariah. My mom helped get it started when she recently visited. Instead of a traditional wedding registry book, they had guests sign squares we’d cut for the event. Slowly, these squares are transforming into something useful + sentimental.


Doing this kind of work makes me miss my mom — the kind of miss that you carry around in your stomach like a heavy stone.  The nature of our relationship has changed  in the last few years; I desperately wish we lived in the same city for a period of time to quilt, cook, live together.


5 Replies to “All or Nothing”

  1. Also had me all choked up… mom and I live close but she is mostly unable to do those things with me. I do, however, appreciate having her close. Hugs to us all for what we miss.

  2. It’s a common thing that happens when you’re getting older, you miss being around your mom more, it seems that you need her presence and advices more and more…..I’m lucky she lives in the flat below mine….

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